Lifting the Lid... First She Said Beauty Box!


Woo, the first ever She Said Beauty box! 
Only last week I was thinking about how over saturated Beauty Boxes are in the UK as it was only one year ago we were all lusting after the U.S Birchbox because we had nothing like it in the UK. However since last week Carmine have 'closed' and merged with Glossybox (actually not too sure on the facts). So now we have Glossy Box, Jolie Box & the She Said Beauty Box and if you are into your natural and organic products the Amarya Beauty Box

So we still have a lot of choice but I think they all offer something a bit different from each other and Glossy & Jolie are definitely going from strength to strength! Plus She Said Beauty have already grown a great online community around their website.

The Price  
The She Said Beauty box contains 5 luxury beauty samples for £9.00 a month plus £2.95 delivery or you can pay 3,6 or 12 months in advance with a saving. However there are lots of codes to receive an even better discount. If you are new to She Said Beauty you can receive 25% off your first box with 'SSB25OFF'. Or receive 10% off a 3 month subscription by entering 'SSB03' or for 20% off a 6 month subscription enter 'SSB06'.

 You can view all prices & subscription details here.

The Packaging
The packaging is something a little bit different from all the other beauty boxes with it's lovely Tiffany blue box with magnetic close and pretty straw stuffing. I actually think a stack of these or them lined up on a shelf would look so pretty as they are such a nice shade. Also I have actually used the pink ribbon in my hair!  


The Products 

 Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream (in Powder Puff) - Full size
(Full size - £2.99)
When you go out and purchase another product from the range of the product you received you know you have received something great and this is exactly what I did with the Collection 2000 Cream Puff! If we are being picky this lip product isn't at all a luxury product however I had never got round to trying these so I was really pleased to see one in my box. The product is just so different from anything I have tried before - think a creamy if not slightly greasy (not too, mind) product that has a lovely caramel/toffee scent to it.. that creates a matte finish without drying out the lips at all. Really great stuff! I received Powder Puff with the box and purchased Cotton Candy from Boots.. but now I am thinking I need another one!

 Orly Manicure Miniature (in Ancient Jade or Black Out) - Mini full size
(Full size 5.3ml - £5.00) 
Now if I could of picked Ancient Jade over Black Out I would of done. HOWEVER I have used Black Out so much already - probably more times than I would of used Ancient Jade. I have used it as a black base for countless glitters already and for lots of nail art. Just a really great quality black that is opaque within 2 coats and is super glossy. I don't own any other Orly minis but I will definitely be trying out more! 

Orly Nail File medium grit 
 (Full size - £1.10)
Can't say I have too much of an opinion on this product as it's just a nail file! Not an amazing product but as a little extra in the box it is pretty handy. I have thrown this in to my handbag in case of emergencies but for me it is slightly too coarse than I would have liked so not the best for every day use. But handy all the same!

Comfort Zone Renight Recover Cream
(Full size - £52.95)
This is the one product that really didn't interest me... due to the two words 'night' and 'cream' (I am one for going to bed with nothing on my face) and also the full retail price! You see I really think the idea of samples of high end skincare products is pretty flawed as the samples generally never contain enough product to see any real effects or to warrant a splurge even. So I think beauty boxes should maybe avoid really high end luxe samples and stick to mid-range to high end ones. Such as Glossy Box did with the Clarins samples in the Valentine's box so that they can provide a decent sized sample. So for this product I cannot even comment on it really.


We Are Faux False Eyelashes (in Roux Sixteen)
(Full size - £9.00)
As a non-false eyelash wearer/lover these surprisingly made my eyes light up a bit. I had spotted the We Are Faux range on ASOS last month so I knew of them but of course it wouldn't be a brand that I would buy from as I just don't wear false eyelashes. Though it is nice to receive a good quality pair that I can wear if I am ever going out somewhere special, because obviously they will last forever. Not sure on the style as they do look a little heavy for what I would wear if I was to go for false eyelashes but I know that I will try them out and I am really pleased they are from such a new yet popular brand. 

Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner & Style-prep Smoother
(Full size from £15.50)
I am in two minds about this little trio of Aveda samples. I have used all three products up and enjoyed them, but again the samples were just too tiny to judge how good the products are, so they could never really result in a purchase. Both the shampoo and conditioner were single use and the Style-prep Smoother lasted around 5 uses (a bit better). Would of really liked to of seem just one bigger sized sample instead of the little kit really! But a nice change for my hair from a brand I had never tried before.

Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea - 1 bulb (makes 2 cups)
(Full size 50g 14 cups - £9.00)
If you have read any previous Beauty Box reviews I have done you will know my dislike in receiving samples of tea! I mean, really is it beauty related? I think not. But at least this was something totally different and not tea leaves for once! As a non-tea drinker I only really enjoyed the process of the opening up (it was pretty amazing) and gave the tea to my boyfriend. However I am so glad I received the sample as it  is ideal for someone that I know and would make the most perfect present for them. So come their birthday or at Christmas I plan to purchase a 50g bag of the Jing tea along with a glass teapot. So I am super glad I received this sample now!

For a first box I am really pleased with the products - a nice mix with some new brands/products and a few familiar ones as well. I am so glad I received the Collection 2000 lip product and of course the black nail polish from Orly but also the Jing tea was a great discovery that I am so pleased about. 

The only real weak product in the box for me was the Comfort Zone cream as it just seemed not such a unique or either popular product. Also I would of preferred one bigger Aveda sample instead of such a small trio of samples though I did use and enjoy all three samples so I can't complain to much. 
When I come to judge how I feel about a box I look at the products that are still left sitting in the box and also how many products I want to purchase at full size. 

For this box the We Are Faux are still in the box waiting an occasion to be used and also the Comfort Zone product as it just didn't interest me. As for future purchases there are three! The lip cream which I have already bought another of, the Orly mini... I will be purchasing more and the Jing Tea which will be purchased as a gift!

So all in all I would say a pretty successful box! 

Fee xo.
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