Pretty New Nail Polishes & ASOS Premier Review!

Models own glitter nail polish

So yesterday I mentioned that ASOS had quite a few Models Own nail polishes on sale for £3.50 (instead of the normal £5 each). As you can see I did purchase the two I wanted - Scarlett Fever and Gold Finger! 

But as I am signed up to an ASOS premier account it meant I could order the nail polishes on Sunday afternoon and receive them Monday morning (it was 10:30am to be precise!).

Now of course I didn't need the nail polishes that quickly but there is something about receiving items so quickly that I love. It really feels like it's instant! So I thought I would talk about my experience of having an ASOS Premier account - is it worth it? is the service good? what are the benefits other than the next day delivery? etc etc. 

I do want to point out this isn't a sponsored post or anything like that. I just felt the urge to tell you what I think about paying for the service when the there is a free delivery option available at Asos.  

Also it is worth mentioning that the ASOS Premier account is only available to people in the UK.

Asos Premier

Boring stuff out of the way first! Here are the different delivery services ASOS provide...

UK Style Save Delivery (Free) - Deliveries will be made within 6 working days after you place your order (excluding Weekends) e.g. If you order on Wednesday your goods will be delivered by the following Thursday. Your order will be sent out via Royal Mail in most instances. No order tracking available.

UK Standard Delivery (£3.95) - Deliveries will be made within 3 working days after you place your order (excluding Weekends) e.g. If you order on Wednesday your goods will be delivered by the following Monday. Your order will be sent out via the most suitable carrier, depending on size and weight. Order tracking is not available for Royal Mail deliveries.

UK Next Day Delivery (£5.95) - If you place your order by 6pm Mon-Fri, you will receive your good the next day. If you you place your order between 6pm Friday and 4pm Sunday, you will receive your goods on Monday. If you place an order after 4pm Sunday you will receive your parcel on Tuesday. Order tracking is available and items are sent through a courier and need to be signed for. Nominated delivery is also £5.95.

ASOS Premier Delivery (£14.95 a year) - All the same rules apply as with Next Day Delivery. You must order before 6pm Mon-Fri to receive your order the next day. Which is free and unlimited with an ASOS premier account. Also Nominated delivery (up to 6 days ahead) is free. All orders are sent via courier (so need to be signed for) and you can even track right up to seeing the signature that signed for it. You can also get your orders sent to different addresses which is quite handy.

You can sign up for the Premier account by going to 'Delivery & Returns' at the bottom of the ASOS homepage. 

Other benefits with an ASOS Premier account - Free return collection service all year (just place an order for a return and they pick up your parcel the next day in more cases). Free monthly magazine (though only available to female account holders). No minimum order value. Special discount codes with magazine.

Why I decided to go for the Premier account - As ASOS is free delivery and has such a vast amount of clothing and beauty products I do order from them a lot - probably monthly. However I found the free style saver delivery quite slow and last year 3 parcels in total were lost via Royal Mail (though I did receive refunds) and had numerous parcels left under the bushes in my front garden - even in winter! So I decided to pay the £14.95 for the year in January so that I have the benefit of next day delivery all year including over the Christmas period.

My thoughts on the service - On the whole I have been very impressed with the service with only one small blip. I have placed around five orders since I opened the account and all orders have been received next day without any problems. The only small problem I have  encountered is that I placed a returns order for some jeans that didn't fit and the following day the courier didn't turn up. So I waited a few days then re-placed the returns order and the courier turned up the next day - I did email ASOS about this but very received a reply. 

Of course next day/nominated delivery all year is the main thing with the account. However I have been quite impressed with the magazine as it is nice to receive a hard copy and with the March 2012 issue I received a 20% off code for the new spring collection. The only thing I am not impressed with is that the magazine is only given to female account holders which is pretty sexist really. Plus male account holders still have the £14.95 to pay and don't receive any of the discounts that are given along side the magazine, so not very far at all!

On the whole I am really pleased with the service so far and the £14.95 fee for the premier account has already paid for itself and more with the orders I have placed since January. 

I also know there will be special occasions that I'm attending and the next day delivery option will be my best friend when I haven't a clue what to wear! 

Hope this has been helpful for some of you. 

Fee xo.

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