Collection of Rose & Co Salves


Today I thought I would do a review of my three lovely Rose & Co salve/balms. 

Of course if you aren't a lip balm addict like myself then you definitely don't need all three so I thought I would review them individually.

Though if you do want a nice little set of these you can buy them in a trio for £8.00 with free p&p (Amazon - here) which is quite a good deal as they are £5 each normally. So if you haven't got any of the balms then for an extra £3 you are getting two more effectively. 

The Rose & Co salves are just lovely especially for carrying around in the handbag. For me they are like two steps up from a Vaseline tin.. the formula is better, the packaging is 100% prettier and they smell lovely! Plus in each tin you get 20g of product!


Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve
(£5.00/20g - here

The Rose Petal Salve was the first ever product I had tried from Rose & Co which I actually received in the October Boudoir Prive box.

Now of course I was impressed enough to want to try more from the range however I am not at all keen on the scent. Well I say it's the scent but I don't actually mind the smell of it in the tin or on the lips but the taste is just horrible if you lick your lips, really perfumed and almost soap-like plus it is quite a strong taste. So for that reason I don't use it on my lips at all. But it works amazing well as a cuticle oil (the scent also seems more appropriate for that), on the elbows or any dry skin and I do actually brush a little of it through my eyebrows when I want them to stay looking preened all day.


Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve 
 (£5.00/20g - here

This out of the three has to be my clear favourite as I use it the most and it is always in my bag to use on my lips and cuticles. 

The formula of course is the exact same but this just smells amazing! I am pretty rubbish at describing smells but sweet vanilla is exactly what it smells of - sweet but warm and just yummy! The scent however isn't as strong on the lips but is still very moreish and strangely great for when you are feeling hungry! So nice.

This of course like the Rose Petal Salve is a salve but for some reason it only states 'to smooth and soften the lips' on the tin. But it does in fact work exactly the same (maybe slightly thicker) so you can use it on dry skin, the cuticles, as a lip balm, or the eyebrows etc. 


Rose & Co Strawberry Crush Glossy Lip Balm 
(£5.00/20g - here

This is quite a recent addition to my little Rose & Co collection as my boyfriend bought me this as a little extra for Valentine's day. 

Now this isn't a salve so you can't really use it on anything else but the lips as it is slightly more sticky than the others. But for the lips this is probably the nicest formula out of the three with the Sweet Vanilla salve coming close second. I can't say it looks any glossier than the other two though but it more balm like and does hydrate the lips pretty well. 

As for the scent this is nice and I have to say I quite like it. But again, lick your lips and you still taste that slightly soapy synthetic taste which isn't amazing but nowhere near as bad as the Rose Petal Salve. If you are wanting just a nice lip balm in a pretty vintage tin then this is one for you! It is also worth noting that even though this looks quite tinted in the tin it actually applies as a clear balm as do all the Rose & Co salves/balms.


So without a doubt the Sweet Vanilla Salve is my favourite and it you like yummy scents you will hopefully love it too. It just smells so good and it is great that it can be used on other areas of the body! Though all the balm do make the lips lovely and soft in minutes and the packaging cannot be faulted.

The only one left that I haven't tried is the Cherry Kiss Lush & Lovely Lip Balm (£5/20g - here) which I am very tempted to get even though I don't need it at all! Mainly because I love anything cherry scented and the packaging is very cute. 

But I am going to try and resist for now and hunt down the amazing Mrs Fields Chewy Fudge Lip balm again which is maybe my all time favourite lip balm! 

Fee xo. 

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