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As some of you may or may not know as I tweeted about my news this week... I have become a contributor on the She Said Beauty Blog! She Said Beauty is actually a new beauty box subscription service that I have yet to try, though I am sure I will at some point! But with also a lovely blog on the side all about makeup & beauty.

I'm definitely very excited about writing posts for She Said Beauty as I have never wrote anything outside of Makeup Savvy - well only one guest post! So I thinking it will be a bit of a challenge and something new as the articles are more informative in nature and I will definitely have to reign in my rambling! 

My first article which is on one-on-one makeup lessons at beauty counters (how much they cost, which brands offer them etc) is up now and I would more than love if you could have a read and if you have the time leave me a little comment as I would really appreciate some feedback with it being my first post! 

You can find my first ever post on She Said Beauty - here

Fee xo. 

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