Playing Catch-up & A Christmas Haul!


So I am finally back to blogging and even typing these first few words seems a little bit new and different - which is slightly crazy as it really hasn't been that long! But at it's a new year I have a nice new notebook, ready to be filled with post ideas and different series that I didn't get round to doing last year and a few new ones which I'm quite excited about! 

But to ease myself back into even using a laptop again I thought I would just post about some of the beauty related gifts I received at Christmas as I have read so many other blogs on this and it's always nice to see what people received etc etc!


As you can see above I did receive some lovely products from MAC Cosmetics which were on my Christmas list. Now unlike most other beauty/make up obsessed ladies I don't actually own many products from MAC (though I do really enjoy them as a brand) which is mainly because they have so many products, I am always overwhelmed when I visit a counter that I just buy one item at a time. So I chose wisely with products that would last me some time/be multi-purpose and put two Paint Pots on my list in Bare Study (perfect as a base) and Rubenesque (just so pretty!) and also Viva Glam II which looks nothing like the swatch on Debenhams website, though I am surprisingly loving that it's a darker nude and it seems to go really well with my pale skin.

I also received two new perfumes... not that I need ANY more, as I literally have around 10 on the go at the moment (how bad it that?!) but I made sure no one bought me anything over 50ml! I was so pleased to receive Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker as I have had this in the past in a small 10ml roller ball and loved it. Also my sister wears this a lot, so it reminds me of her and I always think she smells nice. I'm not amazing at describing fragrances but I would definitely say this is quite a powdery scent that is more on the dry side but also quite floral and pretty smelling...! I also received Vera Wang Rock Princess which I'm a bit on the fence about as I was lusting after Vera Wang Princess, but never the less this is still a nice perfume that I will probably use when I want a bit of a change from all my favourites.

Just writing this has made me realize that I have way too many perfumes and definitely do not need anymore until my birthday in May - at the very least! 


Another thing I definitely did not need more of was nail polishes, but my eyes always light up when I receive or buy new shades - I truly am addicted to different finishes and shades! 

My lovely intuitive sister actually really surprised me with the Nails Inc Magnetic Polish in Houses of Parliament which I wouldn't of treated myself to and I have never even tried out magnetic nail polish before, so this was lovely! I also received three mini Topshop nail polishes that came as a trio in Eyes of Steel, Glimmer & Heart of Gold and I must say I really love them - you cannot beat a good metallic nail polish! So nail of the day posts will be coming up of all four nail polishes this month I am sure!


I also received my favourite shampoo, which seems to have been re-packaged/re-branded slightly as it was the Tigi Bedhead Superstar shampoo and now it is called Tigi Bedhead  Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo - what a mouthful. But either way, I love this shampoo! Also as a little stocking filler some lovely person gave me the Lip Smackers Coca Cola Lip Balm trio which I really love as I am so sick of rubbish quality novelty lip balms even though I love my novelty flavours, so it was great to receive ones that were good quality and actually smell like Coca Cola!!

I was 100% spoilt this year like I always am really, even though I didn't actually ask for much! I also received some lovely pieces of jewellery, gift vouchers, clothes etc and maybe my most used or should I say mosted watched product - the first series of Six Feet Under which I had only seen one episode of years ago... I'm up to the 3rd disc already and I'm just loving it. I definitely needed a new series to get stuck into with all the nasty weather we are having and this is just perfect.

Hope that wasn't all too much for you to read! Fingers crossed I get my blogging mojo back tomorrow with a bit of a nail post. 

Hope you all have had a lovely holiday/break! 

Fee xo.

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