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After discovering KIKO around two years ago in an Italian makeup swap I have been in love with the brand. However until recently KIKO wasn't available at all in the UK, but lucky for Londoners the first KIKO store opened up in Westfield Stratford City shopping centre (oh, how I was jealous!). 

But last week whilst lusting over some products I discovered KIKO now have a UK website - with free shipping o your first order!! 

Now before I get into what I purchased I thought I would get the few downsides out of the way... the main one being that there is a minimum order of £25 - so no snapping up a few cheap-y nail polishes and bagging free delivery! Also delivery is from Italy however I only realized this once I had received my order and it is slightly on the slow side (around 10 days) especially as it is stated as 'express delivery' which I didn't mind as it was free delivery for my 1st order, but I don't think I would be impressed if I was paying the normal £5.90 delivery charge. Though maybe I am being slightly harsh as I was expecting delivery in a few days and to be shipped from somewhere in the UK for some reason - I guess it would of been nice if they had stated shipping was from Italy.

Small glitches aside, if you are interested in KIKO I would highly recommend you either visit their store if you can or place an order online as you won't be disappointed as the brand is just such amazing quality! 


Even though I already own quite a few products from Kiko it definitely look me some time to decide on what to purchase from the website as they do have quite a wide selection of products and I wanted to be sure I chose well. Which consisted of lots of Google searches when I found a product I liked the look of  to see swatches and reviews. Which I must say paid off as I love all the products I purchased!

KIKO Mixing Solution 50ml - £3.90 (available here)
This is described as a mixing solution for pigment loose powder eyeshadow to make eyeshadow creamy to ensure the highest blendability and hold. I decided to purchase this for purely practical reasons as I own quite a few Barry M Dazzle Dusts and NYX Pigments that I just do not use, as I highly dislike the mess when using them and the fallout. So I purchased this in hope it would help me get some use of of the loose eyeshadows. However I have been thoroughly impressed with the mixing solution and the results it gives and it has definitely gone beyond what I though was just a pratical purchase! 

As you can see in the image above when the mixing solution is used with a loose eyeshadow (Barry M Dazzle Dust in a shade I have forgot, sorry ) it becomes a lot more pigmented and even. Also using the solution is very easy as you just place one drop into the brush you are using and then pick up the eyeshadow, which actually removes the mess and spillage involved as the solution really grabs the pigment. Also the solution gives loose eyeshadows such staying power! So pleased with this - with definitely have to write a full review in the near future. 

KIKO Nail lacquer 270 Aqua Sequins  - £1.50 was £3.90 (available here)
After already owned quite a few Kiko nail polishes and being so impressed with them I knew I had to get a couple more to add to my collection. Of course I had to include one glitter polish in there but sadly on trying this out it is very similar to Maybelline's Flash Cosmic nail polish, which you can see on the nails in this post on my favourite glitter nail polishes here. However the Kiko polish is slightly nicer as when it doesn't catch the light it doesn't look like yellow flecks unlike the one from Maybelline. So sadly this won't be getting as much love as I would of hoped! But for only £1.50 I really cannot complain and I am sure my niece will enjoy using it!
KIKO Nail lacquer 349 Light Olive Green - £1.50 was £3.90 (available here)
When I placed this into my online basket I crossed my fingers in hope that is would be a dupe for OPI Skull & Glossbones (from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection) and oh, I haven't been disappointed in the slightest! I had been looking for a dupe for the OPI nail polish for quite a few months now without much luck as after all it is quite a unique shade, so I cannot explain how pleased I am with this and for only £1.50 as well! 

KIKO Double Glam Eyeliner in 09 Plum and Wood - £4.40 was £8.90 (available here)
This was one product that I didn't need to do any research on as I already own a lovely Double Glam Eyeliner from Kiko in a gorgeous brown and gold shade. These without a shadow of a doubt are exactly like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencils which retail for £16 each. Think creamy, pigmented, waterproof eyeliners that just don't budge and last on the eyes all day. I'm sure there are a lot more dupes than this but I instantly thought Plum was a really good dupe for UD 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Rockstar and the Wood also seems a good dupe of Whiskey. 

This is just a super duper product is you like creamy eyeliners that are that waterproof it takes you multiple attempts to remove it fully at the end of the day!

KIKO Lip Volume Plumping Lip Cream 15ml - £6.90 (available here)
This was the wild card of my order as I didn't do any research on the product and for just under £7 it wasn't the cheapest of products that I could of purchased. However I do like trying out plumping lip products and I also liked that it also softened the lips like a lip balm at the same time. Now this is no miracle worker however it is free from that 'tingle' you get with a lot of lip pluming glosses and treatments but instead you get a more warming sensation, but this does give some effects with the lips looking that tiny bit more plumped up, as it you have been eating something spicy maybe!

What I like most about this product is that is really does soften the lips and kind of works are a primer/base before applying lipstick which I didn't except to see in the product. This isn't my favourite product out of the order but I am still pleased none the less.

KIKO Pencil Lip Gloss in 09 Light Beige - £3.90 (available here)
I decided to try this out as I have never tried a lipgloss in crayon format, I have quite a few lipsticks crayons from various brands though and I have always been impressed plus I know the whole lipgloss pencil is a more European product as Essense do quite a few as well.  As you can see from the swatch above this is just a subtle beige/nude shade that is great for daytime wear. What I like most about this is that is has a nice glossy but non-sticky finish and is non-drying which is always important for me. Would really like to try more shades, maybe something light pink or even a deeper shade.


Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 06 Golden Brown - £6.90 (available here)
Another favourite of my order! But after reading so many great reviews on these I knew it would be love at first sight. With most reviews I read on the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows they all compared them to MAC shadesticks... now never trying them I really cannot say. But what I can say is that swatch definitely doesn't do the shade any justice at all and that I just love this product. Once applied on the lids you have a bit of time to blend the shadow and then once it has dried this doesn't move and stays just as pigmented all day with no creasing (I do always apply UD Primer Potion though) I even find at the end of the day this is hard to remove. The stick literally just glides onto the lids and just looks so pretty and shimmery. Really just such good quality! 

If you love pigmented cream eyeshadows than I really do urge you to try this out as it's just a perfect product that cannot be faulted and also the packaging looks really sleek as well. 

As you can see I have been thoroughly impressed with all the products and don't think I could of been any happier with my order - well except for the delivery time. 

KIKO really is such high quality for the price and I would actually compare the standard to be up there with the likes of MAC! 

Fee xo. 

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