Benefit Primpcess Set!


Another day closer to Christmas and another gift set review!

Benefit always have lovely gift sets and I have tried quite a few now and have always been impressed. They really are perfect for giving as gifts or just asking others to buy for you! 


The Primpcess Set is available on the Benefit UK website* (here) for £25.00 and contains...
  • Bad Gal Lash Mascara - 4.0g
  • Eyeshadow - 3 x 0.8g 
  • Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner R.S.V.P - 3.2g
  • Boi-ing Concealer 02 - 1.2g
  • Eye Bright Brightener -1.2g
  • Dual Fluff Shadow and Talent brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Primpcess Lesson booklet
 *I really wouldn't recommend anyone buying Benefit products from any discount websites or on eBay. There are a HUGE amount of fakes around and it's just not worth the risk (they may look just as good but they ARE NOT the same quality and you cannot trust the ingredients). So make sure to always stick to sites such as the Official Benefit site, ASOS, Debenhams, Boots etc.

 In general I do find Benefit products individually slightly too expensive to buy, which is why I love the gift sets so much but in general for Benefit products I find the Voucher Codes website really helpful for savings and things like free delivery - see here


As for the sets you just get to try a bit of everything out, find products you really like and they do actually last a long time! This set I find especially really good value for money as it includes 7 mini products and two brushes and is ideal for travelling with (if you NEED to travel light). Realistically all you would need is this set and maybe a lipstick/lip gloss and a foundation.

Anyway, on to the set!
Favourite products from the set have to be - Bad Gal Lash, Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P, the middle contour eyeshadow and Eye Bright.
Now on first opening this I decided to give the little a booklet a try as it is a step-by-step guide and incorporates all the products. I definitely don't normally do this as I feel like I do now know how to apply make up! However I decided to do this as I know from past experience I delve in trying all the products that take my fancy the most and then a few products don't even get touched really. 

Following the Primpcess lesson booklet... 

Following all the instructions in the booklet took all of 5 minutes and I really did like the end result - well minus the concealer which is just too dark for me. The main thing I liked from the booklet was the use of the eye shadows. I really would never of thought about applying the shimmery contour shade over my lid and then placing the matte accent shade just in the center - it just looks really nice and makes the eyes stand out. Also it suggested using the liner shade on the eyebrows which again I wouldn't of thought of really. 


Mini Reviews...

My favourite product from the set has to be the mini Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P as it's such a lovely shimmery neutral shade that can be worn on it's own of with other shadows, or it can be used as an eyeshadow base/primer for eye shadow to adhere to. 

Also really enjoying the Bad Gal Lash Mascara.. this took a bit of getting use to as the brush is so big but this really does create a lovely effect and can be built up on the outer corners for a more feline look which I really like!

The three powder eyeshadows I am slightly on the fence about. I definitely adore the middle contour shade which I know I will get a lot of use of use of, but the brown liner eyeshadow is just a bit too light for me for lining my eyes with. As for the pale matte accent eyeshadow I am sure I will use it like I did following the little booklet but it's nothing to get amazed about. Though all three eyeshadows are very soft and really good quality. 

Eye Bright I already have in pencil form but I have to say I prefer this version as it is slightly creamer and I love that you have to apply it with the brush and then blend it out. This really does brighten the eyes and open then up a bit - I especially noticed this when I followed the booklet and used it on the outer corners of my eye to the end of my eyebrows. 

As for Boi-ing Concealer this was my least favourite product as it's just not pale enough for under my eyes (and to be honest I think this may be too dark/warm for a lot of people). But even if this was in the correct shade for me I am tempted to say I still wouldn't like it. Just didn't like the consistency of it that much and didn't think it blended well.

All in all this is such a good all-rounder that could be suitable for some aged 14 or equally for someonethat is 44! It just contains great quality products and really lets you explore Benefit products more. 

A definite thumbs up from me! 

Fee xo.

PS. You can find my review of the Benefit Finding Mr. Bright set here

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