Be Beautiful: Invigorating Ginger & Lime Salt Scrub


When I read that Rebecca from Be Beautiful blog was creating her own natural body care range I was genuinely so pleased and happy for her. I mean it's amazing that someone can be inspired enough by makeup/other bloggers to even create a beauty blog, let alone an actual skincare range! 

So I was really happy when Rebecca contacted me to ask if I wanted to review/trial out her first ever product, plus I do really love to support other bloggers because I honestly think there is enough room for us all. Also if you read my posts you will know that I am fairly conscious of certain chemicals and do quite like natural/organic body products but have never ever actually tried something that is super duper hand-made and not mass produced. Basically I was just looking forward to trying it. 


Be Beautiful Invigorating Ginger & Lime 100% Natural Salt Scrub 
£7.95 inc p&p/200ml available to buy here.

My honest first thoughts were that the scrub did look a bit ugly (slightly like frogspawn!) but it smelt amazing - so fresh! But I do have to admit my favourite ever scrub S&G the Breakfast Scrub also doesn't look that amazing. Also I instantly thought that the packaging actually looked quite natural but something you could see on a shelf say in Boots. 

As for the consistency hand on heart this really impressed me as it is gritty and exfoliating but there are no huge grains and it isn't a scrub that falls off the body when you apply it/start rubbing it in which I was impressed by! This also spreads evenly and the smell is just so nice as you rub it in, perfect for waking you up in the morning.

Also as this contains essential oils it does leave a slight coat on the skin (which Rebecca was a bit worried about as she knows I haven't liked scrubs like that in the pass) but this wasn't an issue at all for me as unlike other scrubs containing oils this soaked into my skin fully before I stepped out of the shower so no sticky body parts! So I really do think Rebecca has got the balance spot on with just enough that is hydrates the skin... this is something that impressed me the most as I'm sure getting that balance right is a tricky process of trail & error!

Overall I have been really impressed with this and if you are into natural products or just want to support a wonderful beauty blogger doing wonderful things then I do highly recommend this. I was using the salt scrub on the tops of my arms and on my hands (it's great for keeping next to the sink) but have recently started using it all over prior to tanning and it has really buffed off any dry skin I ha on my knees, elbows and feet! 

I really do hope the Be Beautiful range grows from strength to strength as it have been clearly made with passion and also knowledge and I'm also really looking forward to seeing what Rebecca comes up with next! 

Fee xo.

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