Pre-Christmas Wishlist!


It's getting the time of year when I start to really think about what Christmas presents I'm buying everyone. But that also sadly means I start feeling a bit guilty for buying myself things and I have been spending quite a bit recently on new winter clothes and maybe just the odd beauty product or two, or three! 

 So as I'm trying not to treat myself too much I thought I would put it here just in case the boyfriend wants to have a snoop?!

YSL Shocking Mascara
(Debenhams £22.00 - here)
I used to love YSL Faux Cil, well I still do, but I haven't bought it in at least 4 months due to it drying out so quickly and when you are spending £22.00 on a mascara you do want it to last! Though of course the effects it gives are amazing. So I'm hoping maybe the formula is slightly better with the newer version (I know it's unlikely) and do love true black lashes. However this will be on my list to Father Christmas as I know that it will be great to use around December/January with lots of parties and events going on! So no buying this for myself!

Models Own Beetle Juice Trio 
(Asos £10.00 - here)
 Ever since I saw the first sneak peak images of the Beetle Juice collection I couldn't wait for it to be out just so that I could try the green/gold shade. I definitely don't feel like I need the entire collection of the 6 shades as if I'm honest from the swatches I have seen the duo chrome does look a bit on the gritty side in some of them (does anyone know what I mean by that?) and I do love smooth glossy polishes. But maybe with a good clear top coat that can be corrected slightly. That aside all the shades are all very pretty and I love the theme of the collection!

Yes To Tomatoes Volumizing Shampoo 
(Feel Unique £8.20 - here)
I've used two mini travel size bottles of this now from different sets and have decided I officially love it. It's most importantly SLS-free but it also smells sooo good and lathers up really well. I don't love spending £8+ on shampoo but it is 500ml after all! 


Mister Mascara Organiser 
(Feel Unique £9.14 - here)
I have been umm-ing and ahhh-ing about getting this for a while but I have decided I need it in my life, well on my desk at least. I should probably take a look on eBay first but really want something that will keep things a bit neater. But I am just worried that this will be too small! 

Vaseline Creme Brulee 
(Selfridges £2.99 - here)
Now firstly I can't say I'm impressed that this is £2.99 when all Vaseline tins use to be 99p... but I am a sucker for anything that smells or taste of desserts! My current favourite lip balm is Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve and also Mrs Fields White Chocolate cookie Lip Balm, but there is still room for more with this one!


Neom Organics Refresh: Handbag Essentials Duo
(Look Fantastic £12 - here)
I have had this set in the past but in Moroccan Rose (though the multi-balm is always the same scent) and I'm just about running out of the hand lotion and literally do love it. I also love the multi-balm which I'm about half way through so it would be good to keep one next to my bed and one in my handbag as it just so good for both the lips and cuticles and also dry skin. Also for the price I think it is really really worth it. Will definitely be getting this before the end of the month! 

Korres Soap set 
(Feel Unique £4.00 - here)
 This is bit of a boring product but I like Korres products and I need a SLS-free face soap for next to the sink and also one for in the shower so this is perfect and cheap! Actually I think I need to buy this right now! 

So there isn't anything too pricey on my list which I'm sure means I can at least treat myself to a few products, right?!

What are you currently lusting after/hoping for this Christmas? 

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