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Today I thought I'd talk about the nails I wore over the weekend for Bonfire night (which was nice, but I have decided Fireworks aren't all that amazing).

On Saturday I just wore Icicle on it's own and then on Sunday morning I put a coat of Disco Ball over the top because I was a bit bored but didn't want to remove the pretty Icicle nail polish from my nails! *end of ramble*

So if you read THIS post you will know that I purchased Icicle in a mini China Glaze Holiday set (on eBay for £12.95 here) - which isn't so mini with each polish being 9.6ml. Now the set contains 4 shades and from just looking at them Icicle would have been my 3rd choice - nice but nothing wow as I have a Stargazer polish that is fairly similar or so I thought...


But having now tried it on my nails it's definitely in 2nd position after Tinsel Town! Like I mentioned I thought it was going to be very similar to the silver chrome I have by Stargazer (which I do like) but it's actually much better as it more shimmery and thicker so it doesn't show up any flaws in the nails like metallic cream polishes can do. Also this is super reflective and lovely and slightly reminds me of minx nails and know it really would if I had applied a really glossy top coat over the top of it. 

Also this definitely only needs two thin coats at most as it is really opaque but sadly is does chip after the third day if you don't apply a top coat. However I'm sure with a top coat it will look even nicer! 

You can purchase China Glaze Icicle full size 14ml from a US seller here for £4.84 inc p&p.


So here is what Rimmel Disco Ball (Boots £2.99 here) looks like over the top - this isn't maybe the best base to show off the polish but I thought it went nicely together, but will make sure to show you what it looks like over a nude base some time soon. 

 As you can see Rimmel Disco Ball is pretty similar to NYC Starry Silver Glitter but I actually prefer Disco Ball more as it hasn't got any large pieces of hexagonal glitter in it just small flecks of blue, silver and pink glitter which is nice and subtle. 

 So what do you think - is Icicle a perfect silver polish? Should I buy more China Glaze nail polishes? Okay, you don't actually need to answer that as my head has already made a decision for me!

Fee xo.

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