Natio Ageless Traveller Set


So last week if you remember I spoke about how Tesco Direct are now selling makeup and beauty products (here) and I also showed which product I liked the most and which would make for good low-cost Christmas gifts!

As I wanted to test out the free collect next day in-store option I decided to purchase one of the products that caught my eye - The Natio Ageless Traveller Set for £4.50 (here). So here is a bit of a review of the product and also a review of the pick up next day service that Tesco offer! 

Firstly on the Tesco Direct website standard delivery is £3.00 which is pretty average but there is also an option to pick up in-store at the checkout and you can search for your nearest Tesco that does it. I live in quite a small town and there are three Tesco stores that I could pick up from, so I'm sure it is the same for some in the UK.


So I simply went through the checkout, selected which store I wanted to pick the product up from and paid online. But it is worth noting you do need to take the card that you paid with, with you and also your order number. I ordered the product and it was available to pick up the next day, however I chose to pick it up the day after that - but they do hold products for up to 14 days. The only downside to the service really that I can see is that the direct desk that you pick your products up from closes at 10pm. 

The Natio Ageless Traveller set contains...
Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser (20ml), Ageless Lifting Day Cream (20ml), Ageless Illuminating Primer (20ml) and Ageless Brightening Eye Cream (10ml). 

Now for the price I thought this was such great value for money, I mean £4.50 is nothing really is it! But once I looked at how much some of the full size products were it really did confirm it. For example the Ageless Brightening Eye Cream is £12.40 for 20ml on the Debenhams website which would mean the 10ml eye cream sample in the set should be worth around £6.00! So really good value... especially as I know the eye cream and primer will last me quite some time.


Out of the four samples I'm happy to say I like all of them, though I personally don't use moisturizer however I did try it and it did feel nice and light on the skin. As for the cleanser I didn't think I would get on with it some reason as I am a bit fussy, but actually really do like it, which I think is down to the consistency of it which is quite marshmallow like - hard to explain but it is really different but in a good way! 

But my favourites have to be the eye cream and the primer. The eye cream is so refreshing to apply and soaks in really fast and plumps up the skin a little.... I actually think I prefer this more than the Origins eye cream I currently use. As for the primer this is again quite refreshing to apply and soaks in almost immediately, leaving the skin looking slightly brighter as it's is a subtly reflective but most of all this does actually make my makeup last longer and I have noticed a difference! 

Overall I am very impressed with this set for the price! It really does have a good combination of products in it that will suit most people. Really very nice!! 

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