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Recently as the weather has got more dull and will only continue to do so as we go into winter I have been thinking about changing my bedroom around, so that I get the maximum amount of natural light possible when applying my makeup. So I thought I would have a bit of a ramble here and show you some images that have been inspiring me. 

Plus, also share a few tips on how to maximize natural light and also how to chose the right type of lighting/bulbs for when natural light is non-existent i.e when you have to wake up early in winter (urgh)! 

Now the best thing you can do in winter is to move your desk/dressing table/makeup mirror under the window (well it's the best place anytime really) as you will get the most amount of light onto your face, it will be natural and most importantly it will be even - so no making one eye darker than the other. However for me this just isn't possible as my window sill is quite low and I also have a radiator under it so don't fancy placing my mirror on the window sill when getting ready and the feeling too hot or burning my knee on the radiator?!

However what I am thinking of doing instead is...

Orono Residence traditional bathroom

...placing my mirror on the wall opposite the window so that I still get the benefits of the window, as the light will bounce off the mirror and will be more even than if I kept my mirror and vanity area were it is currently, which is kind of far left of my window and doesn't get a lot of light. I should of really taken some pictures, but will make sure I take before and after images when I change it all!

Also ideally it is best to have a hung mirror on the wall so you can see your entire face and neck and then also a stand-up mirror, like in the beautiful image above. So that you can pick it up and see what your face looks like in different lighting and so you don't apply less make-up to the side of the face that is more in shadow. 


Bathroom Lighting...
However if you get ready & apply your make-up in the bathroom and you can't be moving a mirror cabinet around or the natural light is limited because the size/position of the window, then artificial lighting it what you want to tackle. 

So firstly if your lighting makes you look all yellow or it warms your skin up, then you should think about changing it for cool lighting and what I mean by that is going for a full spectrum bulb that will be a lot cooler and look more like daylight. Also these types of bulbs are used for indoor product photography and come in all different sorts of fittings.

Next is the position of the light(s), if you are lucky enough to have tilt-able down lights/spot lights then you want to direct then so the light is bouncing off the walls and not directly downwards as lighting that shines down on you will cast so many ugly shadows and just won't look at all good. But if you just have a single light fixture then you could consider changing the bulb for a higher wattage (and full spectrum) or purchasing a new wall mirror with built in LED lighting on either side of it, which will give the idea of natural lighting. 

closet contemporary closet

When space & natural light are against you...
I just had to include this image as realistically this vanity idea is limited for space/the appearance of space and it also has no natural light source at all. Yet it appears that there is enough space and the lighting looks more than adequate. 

The reason for this is because of the huge mirror of course which really opens the corner of the walk-in wardrobe instead of it being a dead end effectively which would of made it look quite claustrophobic. But also the mirror reflects the lighting in the room actually making it brighter than it is. I actually did this in my bathroom as the room is quite narrow and dark so I had installed two large pieces of mirror glass - one in the shower area and one sink to ceiling for getting ready in the morning and it really opened the space. Plus it is very cheap to do... a lot cheaper than buying a mirror that size in fact. 

Also the strip lighting either side of the mirror really helps balance the light in that area so less shadows are cast!

Queens contemporary bedroom
Contemporary bedroom design by new york photographer Alexander Johnson Photography

 Lighting for small corners...
Back to the bedroom now and if you are limited for space then half the time your dressing table gets stuck in the corner or in an alcove, which really isn't the best place for it. But there are solutions. Like the image above - a vintage-esque 3 mirrored vanity mirror can help so you can see your face from all angles and all the mirrors will bounce the light around in that area a bit better than just a single mirror. Or you could invest in two matching table lamps to place either side of the mirror - you don't want anything that gives of a glow though so no cream shades and again look for light bulbs that state 'full spectrum' on them or atleast go for daylight light bulbs.

 Also a hand held mirror is very handy so that you can get up and check your makeup in front of the window. 
Newlyweds home traditional bedroom

 So none of it is rocket science but it is all about reflecting the available light in winter and going for the right type of bulb and not just the one your hand lands on in the supermarket! 

You can view my current dressing table set-up in my Through the Keyhole post here. But hopefully when I next come to do an inspiration/interior type post everything will be in a different place and most important in better lighting conditions for me!

Fee xo. 

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