Tesco's Brand New Beauty Hall!


As a beauty blogger I get excited over a lot of things, but I have literally been dying to write this post as at the start of the week I had the most amazing time visiting one of the brand new Tesco Beauty Halls. I didn't get an special privileges, I just turned up, took some pics and spent over an hour looking/drooling at all the amazing new products.

So far Tesco have opened 3 in-store beauty halls in Dudley, Horwich (Bolton) and Newport. The one I went to was the Horwich store which lucky for me is only 20 minutes away! Each beauty hall apparently stocks 24 higher end brands (all with their own concessions/stands) and many of them are hard to get hold of or will only be stocked in Tesco.


Here are the brands I remember spotting - Natio, St Tropiz, Olivella, Rose & Co, The Vintage Cosmetics Company, Jason, Evolve, Steam Cream, All for Eve, Mor, Diego Dalla Palma, Klorane, Le Couvent Des Minimes, Tommy Guns, Tisserand, Crabtree & Evelyn and Fake Bake. 
Lower end brands - Barbara Daly, Olay, Max Factor, Barry M, Vivo, Rimmel, Une, F&F Make up (new) and Maybelline. 

Make Up Consultants
Much like a department store the brands are either in concessions or stands, I think there were around 6 or 7 large concessions which are staffed by consultants. Now I'm in two minds about this idea because it does seem a bit daunting. I mean when you are shopping in the supermarket you definitely don't want to be sold anything or pounced upon and I sadly was - 5 times. Now this could just be because it's brand new this week or it could be to do with their training, but I must say they were all friendly enough. But it just something I didn't expect to see in Tesco.

I got quite a few 'can I help you there?' and 'if you need any help I'm just over here' from the staff but then one member of staff approached me whilst I was looking at the Vivo stand and her opening question was 'so have you heard of Vivo before?' which did seem a little sales person-ish. I of course said that I had already tried a few of their products and then she seems a bit stuck for what else to say, so left me to it.


 ...I then got nabbed by the Olay woman as I was walking past the counter and she asked me if I wanted to try out the new cream... so I yes, had quite a nice chat to her and she actually gave me two samples, which is definitely how I feel the staff should be - i.e 'I going to try and sell you something, but be friendly about it and also I will give you a few samples'.

New Layout
As for the whole layout - I totally loved it. The floor space, if you can imagine, is over 3 aisles with two lengths of shelving on each side and then all the concessions and stands are down the center (I feel like I need to draw you a little floor plan - but I won't!). One thing I was very happy to see was lots of mirrors at each stand with jazzy lighting around them. Though the only let down was the lack of tissues... but it was all very clean and even the testers of products looked like they were being kept clean. So a definite thumbs up!

Other new things! 
One thing I spotted that made me go 'oooo' but also made me forget to take a picture in my excitement was the table/area for OPI manicures. I don't know why, but this seems such an American/Walmart thing... getting your nails 'did' whilst grocery shopping - crazy! But sadly there wasn't a woman at the table to talk to and no prices! But I did just stand and salivate over all the lined up OPI polishes.  

Another totally new thing was the Beauty Salon at the back of the store (just off the beauty hall) but I must admit it did remind me of the see through dog grooming room at Pet World, as it's totally glass so you can watch people have their hair done.. which people were stood doing. I'm not sure if I would like that to be honest. However it was only £10 for a shampoo, cut and finish which is cheap! 

Concessions & Beauty stands 


This was something else I ooo'd at when I spotted it as it's just such a luxury brand and also one that I had only ever seen online. So it was great to see it in the flesh and I'm sure this will be liked by many this Christmas!

Diego Dalla Palma
I was so excited to see this brand come to the UK at my lovely Italian friend sent me some of their products last year and I loved them. The counter looks really high end and everything I swatched was perfect. Though this is definitely high end with nothing lower than £13 really. But really great if you do like high end/high quality cosmetics but don't have the time to shop in places like Debenhams and Selfridges. 

Barry M
I was so pleased to see this stand! I know it is already in Boots & Superdrug but I do more food shopping than beauty shopping (hmmm, okay maybe not) so this will be really handy for me. 


Rose & Co 
 Out of all the stands this was my favourite, as again I have only seen this brand online and everything is just so pretty and lovely smelling! I picked up the Sugared Violet Hand Cream (£5 online - here) because I have been wanting it for awhile and after smelling it I just HAD to buy it. I also picked up an interesting sachet called Milk Bath (£3) which is for either the bath or for in a foot bath, but it actually does more than one bath so I thought it was definitely worth it. I also sniffed the Sweet Vanilla Lip Salve and nearly died from the amazing smell. I didn't get it... but I'm now planning another trip to Tesco to buy it!

Steam Cream
This was another lovely stand to see as I have never actually seen a Steam Cream tin before and all the designs are so interesting. Plus they had a tester in a nice sealed, squirty bottle so no having to dip your fingers into a nasty tester - good thinking Tesco!

F&F Made Up
(I think this is what it was called as this is what the signs said)
This is a totally new range for Tesco, which is a spin off from their F&F clothing line. I did have a quick look but I wasn't all that taken with it. The products are pretty averagely priced (think £5 for lip glosses etc) and the packaging is fairly simple and black. Personally I feel the Barbara Daly line is Tesco's makeup range and so they didn't really need another at such a similar price range.


The Vintage Cosmetics Company 
Now I couldn't decide if this was a new brand or one I had just never heard of before. Has anyone seen this range before? My first impressions of the stand were really good. I love the whole vintage vibe and how each style of false lashes is called a vintage-esqe name, such as - Kitty, Gracie or Connie! All the lashes cost £6 each and the eyelash curlers £7. Another product that I can see flying off the shelves at Christmas!

This is a range I have seen before in Debenhams so I wasn't too excited about it. However I did spot some rather lovely travel kits which came in a huge cosmetics bag for £18 I think. Now I normally hate the makeup bags that come with products but this was waterproof and had stamps and pretty things all over it. I should of taken a picture really to show you the prettiness, but oh well! I think I may have to show this to the husband- to be near to Christmas.

 I have a Vivo stand in my local Tesco but this was a super duper one, and so I did picked up two lipsticks and a few other things for an upcoming giveaway. Really impressed with this range so far - especially the £1.99 lipsticks, £3.00 lashes and the £1.50 eyeshadows! 

Hopefully I haven't left you all feeling glum that you don't have a Tesco Beauty Hall near you! But if I have... then you will be pleased to know that Tesco are actually going to have a dedicated website for makeup that is launching the end of this month... in just a few days time! 

I'm really hoping there will be a wide selection of brands and fingers crossed there will be a collect free from store option!

Fee xo.

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