Dermablend Deserve an Award for this!


After seeing the new Maybelline ad with their foundation covering a golf ball.... yes, a golf ball, I was feeling totally sick of beauty ads. I mean really what do they pay these advertising agencies/creative directors for!

But that was until I watched the amazing new advert from DermaBlend to promote their pro line...

Amazing, right? 

I love how they chose Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy to be in the advert, as for one he is definitely not the type of person who would want to ever hide his tattoos but he is a perfect canvas to show the full potential of the product.

I'm really hoping this advert will get seen by a lot of people to prove that this kind of makeup can conceal pretty much anything and really improve confidence, whether that's to hide a tattoo on a wedding day or to conceal scares or skin conditions etc. 

On a more superficial level - Which version of Zombie Boy do you prefer ladies and men of course!

I'm personally going to have to go for the before Zombie Boy... more exciting... oh yes?!

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