Christmas Gift Guide - Top 10 High-End Gifts for Under £10!


For my first Christmas Guide I decided to set myself a bit of a savvy challenge to find relatively high end branded gifts for under £10... which is slightly crazy seeing as high street priced gifts in Boots seem to be around that price this Christmas! 

But the reason for this is I know a lot of people don't want another Dove gift set or some other genetic gift but something a bit different and it's also nice if it's from a well known/high end brand. So here are my top 10 gifts that would be ideal for family members, friends or even co-workers...

Benefit Tan About Town (Asos
I know most women love a bit of Benefit but don't love the price so this is just perrrfect. You still get the cute packaging and all the branding and also three nice mini products for only £9. This for a friend with some chocolates - perfect! 
Benefit Skincare Set (Asos)
 This is another set that is just so affordable and what is perfect is that it's mini products of the whole new Benefit skincare range, so the receiver of this gift can try out all the products and then maybe purchase their favourite! 


Miller Harris Candle (Feel Unique)
Now this is only a mini 35g candle but Miller Harris is one luxury brand so this would make a great gift for someone that like luxurious things. Or if you are wanting to spend more on someone you could purchase three different mini candles (even tie a red ribbon around them) which would total £30 to create a beautiful try-me set, instead of just purchasing one large Miller Harris candle for £35! Or just one candle alone and some lovely truffles would make a thoughtful and different present for a friend. Four different scents - here.

OPI Touring America Mini set (Amazon)
I really wanted to include an OPI mini set as I have received quite a few in the past for Christmas and have loved them. This isn't Christmassy however there is just something about receiving a set of four mini nail polishes to try out at Christmas that is lovely. I did pick this as it was the only set I could find for under £10. However ASOS and Feel Unique are great for them and retail for around £13. 


Aromatherapy Associates Little Star (HQ Hair)
This is another small-ish gift but perfectly formed and again quite unique. This is a great little present to give to someone that you know enjoys soaking in the bath or that likes to be indulgent with their toiletries. I would personally again give this along side a small box of beautifully wrapped chocolates.

First Aid Beauty Fab Essentials Set (Bath & Unwind)
This isn't my favourite set but again another nice intro to a pretty new skincare line. This actually is quite good value for money as all four products add up to 170g of products, with a nice selection of body and face products. Also this is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or is quite ingredient conscious.

Bliss Santa's Little Helpers 
Bliss Winter Wonder-hands (HQ Hair)
Last year I gave two Bliss gift sets as presents and I think they were gratefully received and I can also add that they both did smell amazing. But these two sets are ideal for if you are on a budget. I think I would personally opt for the Santa's Little Helpers set as who really needs two hand creams (says the girl with twelve), so I think the hand cream and the lip balm is a nicer set. Also really like the packaging with these


John Masters Organics Set (Feel Unique)
John Masters is quite a high end brand from what I have seen, with a lot of the haircare/ body products priced around £25-30. What I really like about this is again the mix of products with two being for the hair - a handy detangler and shampoo and the other two for the body - a gorgeous Blood Orange & Vanilla body wash and a body milk. Quite an interesting little set that has substance to it!

Compagnie De Provence Travel Set - Wild Rose (Look Fantastic)
Now this is a set I definitely wouldn't mind receiving this year as I love anything that smells of rose and I have seen Compagnie De Provence so many times in department stores but never bought anything as it always seems a touch to expensive. But this is ideal to try all the hero products of the brand and it also includes a lovely Wild Rose hand cream. Really nice.
What I love about all these products are that they just aren't your typical Boots or Superdrug giftsets - so it will make your £10 gift stand out from the crowd and will hopefully be enjoyed by the receiver of the gift. 

I have lots more gift guides coming up with a few product reviews thrown in for good measure. So I really hope you enjoyed this one! 

Fee xo.

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