Love At First Sniff


I thought it was time for another monthly series and what better, than one about perfume seeing as I'm quite obsessed with it at the moment. 

As the title suggests it's all giving a tiny review after the first sniff whether it's from a sample in a magazine or a tester in a shop!  

*All the stars next to the perfumes link to more info and the price*

Estee Lauder - Sensuous Nude*
With this I could instantly smell a slight fruit scent and a deep woody coconut smell (think high-end suncream) that had a soft powdery base. I would describe this as a warm summers evening perfume that just lingers on the skin beautifully. Quite a sensual young perfume.

Balenciaga - L'Essence*
For me this is a fresh masculine scent that seems to have notes of pinewood in it. Also slightly citrus-y with a tiny touch of floral about it. Personally not my cup of tea but does give the sexy idea that you may be wearing your boyfriends cologne!


Harajuku Lovers - Sunshine Cuties G*
This screams sun, sea and sand to me! This makes me want to be on the beach sunning myself right now. The main note in this is coconut and strangely smells like a hot day. If you want a fun beach holiday fragrance then this is the one for you. Also the 10ml size is perfect for travelling with.

Elie Saab - Le Parfum*
This is definitely one luxurious smelling perfume, no instant smells hit me but it just seems to ooze class and sophistication... a scent I imagine a top female banker would wear! Quite a hard scent to describe but to me it has a deep powdery scent to it that is slightly warm and strong.

Givenchy - Play*
Nothing really grabs me when I first smelt this other than it being quite masculine and strong but after 5 minutes or so a slight floral, woody scent comes through, though it still stays quite masculine but on the fresh side.

Cacharel - Anais Anais*
This instantly says cut flowers to me with a musky scent in the background. I don't love this as it's not my kind of perfume but this is definitely a wearable day time perfume for someone more mature.

This is just a random mix of fragrances but upcoming posts are going to be more focused with a post for celebrity perfumes, high-end perfumes and even winter scents! 

  Fee x

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