Christmas Come Early - Harajuku Lovers Jingle G!

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I spotted the new Harajuku Lovers perfume on a few days ago and it took me approximately 10 minutes to decide to buy it for myself! 

So after the speedy delivery I thought I would show it you as tomorrow is the last day for free p&p, plus you also get a free gift with your purchase... which is revealed below! 


Harajuku Lovers Limited Edition Jingle G - 10ml 
Available from for £13.00 (here)

Talking about Christmas in September does feel a little odd but this was just something I needed to purchase to put away for Christmas and also share with you! Plus the free gift made my mind up that it was a 'need' purchase more than a 'want'!

 So firstly this is a limited edition and so for once there is no range, unlike the Sunshine Cuties and Snow Bunnys range etc, plus I have heard on the Christmas tree (see what I did there? hehe) that this is the last ever Harajuku Lovers fragrance to be released! I'm really hoping it's not true as I really do love seeing which different ones they bring out!

Anyway, so the fragrance itself is a variation of the 'G' scent which is kind of the main fragrance as it's named after and inspired by Gwen Stefani, herself. 'G' is also my favourite scent out of all the ranges that have been brought out so I was really pleased to see the Limited Edition Holiday fragrance was a 'G' scent!


What does it smell like? 

I am not shocking at describing scents but I don't do the whole top notes thing, so here are what the notes are according to Escentual. Top Notes - White Star Fruit, Gardenia, Tangerine. Heart Notes - Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Jasmine. Base Notes -Vanilla, Cedarwood, Laos Benzoin (what even is that?).

Personally the first thing I could smell when I sprayed this was a slight fruity vanilla scent that was quite warm. However after 20 minutes or so I would say it's more of a soft vanilla woody scent, which I'm guessing is the cedarwood in it. Overall this doesn't say Christmas to me but it is a scent I could imagine wearing when wrapped up watching Christmas TV and eating endless amounts of chocolate! It's deep, wintery with a touch of fruitiness which is what all the Harajuku Lovers fragrances are about!

The free Gift...

final pic

Create Your own G!

This is such a cute additional extra that I will definitely be letting my two nieces loose on! I know the oldest who is five will love designing the doll and putting the little stickers on. 

The set comes with the blank doll, 10 mini felt tips, 8 different sets of eyes to stick on, 8 different shades of lips and a little booklet with examples of how you could design your G. I'm not going to lie, it's definitely not for everyone, but if you are buying the fragrance as a gift for someone in there teens maybe (or than loves this range) than this is such a nice extra. Or if you have children then this is fab!

Using Jingle G as a Decoration

I must be pretty sad as I love this idea, especially how you can still be using the little doll for years to come, long after the perfume have been used up! Just a really nice touch and really cute, or kawaii should I say! Thanks to everyone on Twitter who told me what Kawaii meant :)

Overall I'm really impressed with this, as a fragrance, as a gift, as a tree decoration - it just ticks all the boxes. Plus it on the really cheap side were fragrances are concerned... even if 10ml is pretty dinky! 

 P.S. The free 'create a G' is running for as long as stocks last but as mentioned free 1st class delivery at does end 25th September.

P.P.S I promise not to talk about Christmas again till at least November.

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