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As promised here is a full review of the new Sleek Pout Paints that actually have been out in most larger Superdrug stores for a few days now! I have been thoroughly impressed with these hence the quick full review of them, however I will make sure to do an update in a few months to tell you how they have lasted etc.

Firstly lets get all the info out of the way as it is a new line after all - The Pout Paints are a range of 11 intensively pigments lip paints that are designed to be mixed together to create different shades. Though it is worth pointing out that you can still get a lot of use out of just a single Pout Paint. They are all priced at £4.99 and contain 8ml of product. 

So here are the four shades I have (from left to right) - Cloud 9 (to make other pout paints lighter or more creamy), Peek-a-Bloo (to make of pout paints darker), Mauve Over (a purple fuchsia shade that looks more pink on me than other swatches I've seen) and Pin Up (a vivid red). 

As you can see the pigmentation is pretty amazing and seriously a tiny amount goes a long way, I actually have difficulty getting a wash of colour with these! So I feel there is no need to even talk about the pigmentation of them but what is worth talking about which you can't necessarily see from the images is the consistency of the lip paints. The consistency is actually quite similar in fact to paint... think more acrylic paint than gloss paint here! They are smooth and mix together perfectly with either a spatula or a lip brush  (I wouldn't suggest using your finger as it will most likely stain) and apply with ease to the lips. 

Texture wise on the lips they feel smooth and non-sticky which is lovely to see as lip product can so easy be sticky and thick. The staying power is also great if you work the product into the lips with a lip brush (Sleek suggest you can use your fingers but again I wouldn't as they are too pigmented and for that reason require a neat finish) and for even more long lasting results blotting in between coats works amazing well.

Basically the consistency cannot be faulted!

Here are a few shades of pink I created with Cloud 9 (white), Peek-a-Bloo (blue) and Mauve Over. 

Top Left - This shade was created using mainly Cloud 9 and a touch of Mauve Over to create a creamy light pink. You may also notice the finish isn't as glossy as the other lips as I blotted the lips with a sheet of tissue after application to give a softer look.

Top Right - This is mainly Mauve Over with a hint of Cloud 9 and when I say a hint I mean the smallest amount possible just to lighten it up slightly.

Bottom Left - This is Mauve Over again but mixed with a small amount of Peek-a-Bloo which makes it more of a violet shade.

Bottom Right - Mauve Over 

So even with just the white or blue pigments and one other shade from the range a lot of shades can be created and of course lipstick can be applied the pout paints to give even more shades.

Here are the results when Mauve Over and Pin Up are mixed with the white and blue Pout Paints - 

I really love how Pin Up (red) can look so different when mixed with Cloud 9 (white) and Peek-a-Bloo (blue) here. Just love the raspberry shade that the red and white can create but also love the deep wine shade that the red and blue can make. Both really lovely shades.

The above swatches really do show what kind of shades the white and blue pout paints can create - the white giving most shades a more creamy but sometimes slightly neon look and the blue giving more deep and sometimes alternative shades. However unless you like quite deep shades I would opt for Cloud 9 to mix with other paints. 

But as these will last such a long time (I'm talking years if are stored correctly and don't separate) it is worth talk about what else you could use them for!

Other uses...


Lip Tint - Now you see that tiny dot of the Pout Paint on my finger that was enough to do my lips* (top image) and more! So you can imagine how little you need to just use it as a tint. Actually just touching the top of the applicator is enough to create a similar lip to the above swatch and then a touch of lip balm to keep it from drying out the lips..

*This was the neatest I could actually apply the Pin Up Pout Paint with a standard square lip brush so really applying some of the Pout Paints with your finger would be a total no-no. I'm now thinking I need a smaller lip brush for something this pigmented.

Cheek Stain - Again with this the smallest of amount is needed or Aunt Sally cheeks (example) will be upon you! So I'd suggest mixing the shade onto the back of your hand and then using your index finger just dot the smallest amount onto the cheek and then blend, blend, blend! Really pretty and it lasts. 

I'm also thinking this could be mixed with a bit of melted Vaseline to create a kind of Sleek Pout Polish but I haven't tried it out yet so will make sure to write a post on how it goes and if it does actually work! 

Definitely comparable to the OCC Lip Tars and just another sign of how great the high street can be! 

Well done Sleek!

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