NOTD - Maybelline Forever Strong Ivory Rose

Ivory Rose 1

I have a thing for nude nails any time of the year. They are simple yet chic and applied neatly can look like a professional paint job! My favourite nude was Revlon Nude Chic which sadly died of death last month due to being quite old so I felt it was time to find a new favourite nude...

...and I think I may just have found it with Maybelline's beautiful Ivory Rose (10ml/£4.09 here). Well shade wise it is perfection and finish wise it is perfection but sadly application is a bit on the rubbish side.

The swatches took three quite thick coats but really could of done with an epic four! However that really isn't the issue as many nude polishes take a million coats to get to that opaque perfection.


My issue is with the brush, yes it splays out nicely and covers the whole nail in one stroke but it also disperses too much nail polish and by that I mean you will be painting a nail and will have covered it nicely and then all of a sudden a blob on nail polish will run out from the brush, flooding the nail and even onto the nail bed.  I'm tempted to say I just have a dodgy brush but I've come across this problem before and I think it is to do with the length of the brush handle and it holding too much nail polish. 

However I cannot complain too much as I painted my nails with this a few hours before going to bed, fully expecting to have a duvet imprint in them when I woke the next day but I was pleasantly surprised! Even with three thick coats after two hours they had set rock solid and nothing could indent them. 

Ivory Rose

As for the quality it reminds me on an OPI polish actually! Very smooth to apply and just lovely. So I'm more than pleased I picked up two other nude shades from the range whilst on 3 for 2. So all in all even though the application isn't easy, I'm more than happy with this polish and totally in love with the slightly pink toned nude shade of it. 

Until a few months ago I hadn't tried a Maybelline nail polish in years but from what I've tried and seen they are amazing quality for the price!

So if you are a nail polish addict definitely make sure to try out the Forever Strong range. 

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