My Love of Discontinued Products


Discontinued products I've found fall into two categories - they either can be found on eBay for an astronomical amount of money (I'm talking a £15 perfume going for £75) or there is the discontinued rejects that end up half the price on eBay or even better, Poundland!

The thing is there is no knowing which way a product will go if it's being discontinued, well unless it is pretty loved to start with i.e Gosh Holographic nail polish. But of course I'm not one of those people bidding £20+ for a nail polish that retailed for £5. I'm that person rummaging though the £1 nail polishes in Poundland or tracking down bargains on eBay. 

So here are a few cheap discontinued products with mixed reviews...


Bourjois Highlighting Powder - Found on Amazon (16.5g/£5.50)

I only purchased this last week in hope I would love it as much as the Bourjois Bronzing Powder that comes in the same chocolate block style.However even though it is nice, it hasn't amazed me so far as it is more subtle than I imagined it to be. Which in one way is nice but I really can't see myself using it everyday like the Bourjois Bronzing powder. 

So for that reason I can see why it was discontinued... but I think it they had tweaked it slightly to make it more light reflective and a little less powdery then it could of been just as loved as the bronzing powders are now.


Revlon Nude Chic - Found in Poundland (14.7ml/£1.00)
Revlon Silver Belle - Found on Fragrance direct (14.7ml/£1.50)

Revlon nail polishes are brought out thick and fast and have been for many years and so for that reason there are a lot of discontinued Revlon polishes floating around everywhere and of course at a fraction of the price they retailed for. 

My favourite place to look for Revlon polishes has to be pound stores for obvious reasons with Nude Chic being my best ever find as it was such a perfect nude shade before going too thick (I'd had it for well over a year though!).

NYC Chroma Face Glow in Moonstone - Found on Amazon (10.2g/£3.65)

This product was discontinued in the US and was actually never in the UK which makes it even more of a find in my eyes. I actually hunted this down after reading a few reviews compared them to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powders that are a lot more pricey and very pretty indeed! So to find Moonstone for only £3.65 was pretty great and the product really is as good as what the reviews said.

Now I just need to get the other Chroma Face Glow in Sunstone!

Rimmel Mousse Bronzer Medium Glow - Found on eBay (5ml/£3.20)
 Rimmel Mousse Blush Frozen Cherry - Found on eBay (5ml/£3.88)

I did have high hopes for these as I can't get enough of the Rimmel 8hr mousse eye shadows, so I was really hoping the texture would be the same and would blend with ease and look lovely on the skin. But sadly it was just not meant to be, as again like the Bourjois Highlighting powder I can see why these have been discontinued .
The main thing that makes them pretty darn rubbish is the consistency which is actually pretty mousse like (the eye shadows are a liquid mousse formula) and so it quite wobbly and watery... which translates to a uneven mess on your face if I'm honest. 

Though it may just be that they are old or have been stored in the wrong conditions as I know mousse/water based products can be quite fragile like that. But either way they didn't live up to my expectations at all. I'll just have to stick to my beloved Rimmel Mousse eye shadows from now on I think!

 So which camp do you fit into... Are you the crazy lady taking all the products of the hangers to find the right one in Poundland? Or are you the desperate bidder with an unlimited budget on eBay?! 


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