Collective Haulin'


Today I thought I would ease myself into blogging with my new camera with a simple haul... did I tell you I had a new camera? Well if you follow me on Twitter then I'm sure you will already know this as I have been rambling on about for the past few days! 

It's quite an upgrade from the Canon 10o Ixus is digital camera I was using and I'm definitely not use to the weight or all the settings, so I'm still very much a beginner in the realm of Digital SLR's. However I'm going to persevere and try and learn all of the settings.

So without further ado...


As soon as I spotted the new OPI Mini Designers Series set (£13.00/here) I had to Google the polishes for swatches and then when I found this swatch of Coronation and this swatch of Classic I knew I had to purchase the set! Just super sparkly and gorgeous! 

The only shade I don't really love is Reflection (red shimmer) as it's just not as special as the rest and I do have quite a few red shimmery polishes already from the OPI Burlesque collection. I've made a point of not showing any swatches as these really deserve a post of their own and definitely a NOTD post very soon of my favourite, which is Coronation.


Next up is a mixture of online and in store purchases at Boots. I firstly placed an order online for two 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Peace & Nudist Peach as they are currently HALF PRICE for only £2.49 each (see here) and of course with two 17 products at the moment you receive the All About Nude palette for free, which is kind of nice. I had them delivered to store so I didn't defeat the purpose of buying them which is how I came to acquire two other product! 

I decided to buy a new tube of the 17 Wild Curls mascara in Black (£6.29) as mine was feeling a bit empty and it really is my favourite high street mascara. I also discovered quite an empty shelf of Ruby & Millie brushes which are of course being discontinued so were all reduced to low prices so I managed to get the last i-Define brush for only £1.66. However Lady from a Tramp managed to get the same brush for an amazing 41p when it went through the till in her local store... so it is worth a look!


I also popped into Superdrug this week which is something I rarely do for some unknown reason, as it is great in there! It shows how little I go in as I have only just signed up for the Beauty Card and I must say I was right about the mirror on the card looking like the mirrors they put in children's toys! 

Anyways, so I instantly got lured in by the Sue Moxely stand as all the products were half price however I resisted purchasing the whole stand as I've never very sure what is going on with the Famous by Sue Moxley range... I mean currently everything is half price and I'm wondering why and they still don't have a website even though they have been saying it's coming soon on their Facebook page for the last year, so who knows! So I picked up the Lip palette as I've never seen anything similar on the high street which was £4.50 down from £9.00 (slightly too steep to start with) and two baked eye shadows for £2.50 - bargain! 

I also purchased two more of the Beauty UK Lip Lusts as I really do like them in Sweet Sixteen and Playboy which were £2.99.


Home Sense/TK Maxx 
I certainly have a love/hate relationship with both Homesense and TK Maxx. They both are really great stores for finding high end products at really low prices however I'd say at least half of the beauty products are totally ruined by either being tested by stupid people or again someone opening a bottle and then leaving it to leak all over the other products! 

But to go off on a bit of a tangent I was mentioning on Twitter that a few of my local Tesco stores have put up a sign above each make up stand stating that if you try any make-up other than the testers provided that you will be asked to purchase the make-up. Go Tesco, hey! And I must say I have noticed a difference... no messy stands with opened/used products. So simple, yet so affective! TK Maxx and also the other stores *looks up* really need to get on board with this ASAP! 

Back to haulin' haha I actually picked up a sticky bottle of Tigi Cherry Almond Firm Hold Hairspray for only £3.00 which I instantly de-contaminated with my Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer (courtesy of Skin Scrubs) and a baby wipe! I also discovered an amazing new facial brush. Now if you don't already know, I have a bit of a thing for my Botanics Face brush - it actually transformed my skin, well it still does but it's looking a bit worse for wear now. So this new face brush came into my life just at the right time and it's even better than the Botanics one! It's from a company called Hydrea London and was part of a set that included a nail brush which is always handy for the bargainous price of £3.99. 


After the lovely Liloo mentioned the new MNY nail polish range (£2.98 each) in Supergdrug (read about it here) I kept my eyes peeled in hope I would spot them in my local store, but I actually came across them in Asda. Now I actually mentioned about MNY (the sister line of Maybelline) coming to the UK almost a year ago (post here) and so they have clearly been slow coaches and only got their act together now... but I'm not complaining as I spotted some lovely looking polishes.

I only picked up two shades as you never know the formula of a new range. I would tell you the shade numbers but I can't actually remember right now. See this is why shade numbers for makeup are so pointless! I've only tried out the left one so far are have to say I love it!


Last but not least I bought two books with my free £15 Amazon voucher from LoveFilm. I tweeted about this last week but I know most of you probably thought it was too good to be true/a bit of a swizz. Basically to get the free £15 Amazon voucher all you need to do is sign up to Love Film for a free 30-day trial (here) with the code AMAZON15 and then you place ten rentals into your account and they dispatch the first two discs to you.... you can then either watch them or not and you receive your £15 Amazon voucher via email.

I personally didn't need the Love Film service so I watched one of the DVDs and then sent them both back. Then made sure to empty my rental list of the 8 titles left in there so they didn't send me anymore and then I cancelled my account. Though if you did want to try out the service for the full 30 days you would just have to make a note of the end of the free trial date so not to incur the cost of the first payment of the service. Am I making sense?? If I'm not, I'm sure you will understand it all if you read all the info on the site. But it is a really good deal!

Seriously how did I write so much! I mean this was supposed to be a quick post! 
Oh well, hope you enjoyed the better pictures.

Fee xx 

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