I Love You, but...


This is a post dedicated to all the products that I use and love, a lot... but I sadly sigh and think 'I love you, but' when using them. Some products are more flawed then others, granted, but all could do with changing a little! 


YSL mascara I love you, you give me long volumized lashes that almost look false. But within 3 months you end up looking like this. A clumpy, gloppy mess. Which means I have to throw you in the bin.


Naked Palette you know I will always love you! I use you daily and couldn't be without you now... but really, why did you have to include Sidecar? Sidecar starts off looking as lovely as the rest on the lids but by the end of the day there is glitter under my eyes and in my eyebrows!


I love you nameless concealer... you hid the blue veins under my eyes a gem and stay put all day. Oh, actually I think I know your name... Collection 2000 Lasting Concealer is it? I remember all your writing rubbing off within a week of getting you... onto my hands and other makeup. So even though you are amazing you may as well be a nameless, unbranded makeup product.


Oh Bourjois, I love you so. You always lure me in with your lovely packaging. But why are you do expensive. I've sure you where more affordable a few years ago but really £6.00 an eyeshadow and £8.00 for a lipstick is on the pricey side. You are high street after all! 
Though I do love your foundations (again, slightly too pricey) and your wonderful bronzing powder that seems to last forever. 


Benetint, Benetint I do actually love you. You stain like no other tint I know which is a good thing! But you are so, so runny. I did try to take some photographic evidence but you ran off my hand before I could take the picture. A little thicker like Posietint and you really would be perfect.


Red I love you like no other magazine... I've actually kept every Christmas issue for the last 3 years now and have even been know to look through them on miserable 'summer' days. But your beauty section is going smaller and smaller which does make me sad. You do it so well a few more pages would make a world of difference to my beauty obsessed self.

Would love to here of any 'I love you, but' beauty products you own but wouldn't stop using for the world!


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