Feeling Deflated.

 This is going to be a bit of a odd post as it doesn't really have a point. But I felt I needed to get it out to feel a bit better and to actually respond to various comments as a whole. 

Makeup Savvy is my baby and for that reason I try to think of interesting content, take clear pictures and hopefully make it an enjoyable read. But of course like everything in life it isn't perfect - far from it. My main hurdle is writing posts as I was never very good at English (I actually gave up on the subject and only received a B for English Lit and a C for English Lang at GCSE level) however as beauty is something I'm very passionate about the words seem to flow whenever I write a new post. So for that reason I've stopped being so hung up about spelling and grammar as I figured some time ago I really cannot change my level of intelligence at this point! 

Though over the past few months I've gone back to being quite self conscious about my grammar in posts because of negative comments via e-mails or comments left here on my blog. I've always had the odd few more helpful comments/emails that have pointed out errors in my post, which I've actually got use to and understand that bad grammar is a pet peeve for a lot of people! So I am quite glad that if they do have to say something it's in a polite manner and so I take it on board and 9 times out of 10 I will actually go back to the specific post and correct the grammatical error even though it stuffs up the HTML of the whole post. 

However even though my lack of grammar hasn't gotten any worse in the past few months I have received more negative comments and emails about it. Now I would be lying to say these weren't received with mixed feelings as I don't now how to feel about them really. I must admit they all do piss me off without a doubt as they are normal quite self righteous or aiming to insult and I just don't get that type of person. But then I do also try to take on board their comment... however hard it may be sometimes. But then I just end up thinking what is the point. I mean without sounding full off myself (which I'm really not) I do class myself as a nice person that always tries to be kind and genuine so even if my grammar/spell is atrocious then so what! It's no biggie. But at the moment it is slightly getting me down in the world of blogging and it does seem like a biggie!

Though I have been noticing a patten in these types of comments (which are from various readers/bloggers) in which they more often than not mention about being unprofessional or that is doesn't come across as professional. 

For example here is a snippet of a comment I received yesterday -

"Makeup Savvy, I love you, but you keep refusing to grammar check your posts (the Bourjois section got really hammered this time around), thus making me feel like you really don't care and aren't particularly professional."

Now maybe it's the overall appearance of my blog... I actually don't know. But for some reason these type of people expect me to have some level of professionalism. However my blog is a blog... it's not a website and my main aim is to talk about the things I love, it's really as simple as that. Whether my blog had 100 readers or 100,000 readers I would still write in the same way as it's easy to read and it's honest.

So what I'm trying to say I guess is if you like my blog read it and enjoy it. But if you start to feel like my errors are annoying you just simply click the 'X' and read someone else's blog as there isn't a point annoying yourself and me when your annoyance gets so much that you feel the urge to leave me a comment on the matter. 

However I would like to thank all of you that read and don't expect anything more than what I give and of course I value all the comments, so thank you!

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