Wedding Makeup Series Part 4 - Colour Inspiration

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So I think we have covered how to create a perfect base but now it's onto much more difficult choices - eye makeup and what to put on the cheeks and lips!

Even if you are a pro at creating the perfect eyeliner flick or a hoarder of lip products it can still be very daunting as to what shades to pick and what will look good in your photos. But one thing to not even consider (which all the bridal magazines seem to talk about) is following the current trend, yes follow your theme, just don't consider coral lips just because it's 'in'. I promise you will look back at your wedding photos in 5 years time and cringe.

So without suggesting any products or shades in particular in this post I've created 5 case studies to show how to can match your makeup to the type of wedding you want or even the style you feel most comfortable with. 

Boho Spring (above) 

As you can see the model/bride here is naturally beautiful with flawless looking skin that has a nice warmth to it, so this natural look is perfect. 
This would be perfect for someone that's planning an outdoor wedding that wants things to look abit care-free. So if you want a keep your hair slightly tousled or just hold a simple bunch of freshly cut flowers for your bouquet like above then this may be the type of makeup look to go for. Though I would say you definitely need to define some areas of the face so you don't look washed out in the photos. So lining the upper waterline and slightly smudging it out would be a must and also keeping the brows neat and filled in to frame the face.

 This is quite similar to typical bridal look however if you do want to go for a typical English-rose look I would apply slightly more blush and lighten the lips with a pretty pink toned gloss or lipstick.

Winter Wonderland

A red lip is a daring choice for any bride however alot of winter weddings do call for it, especially when there is snow involved! Plus as you can see the bride above went for a vintage feel with a very vintage inspired hair style (which I'd only do if that was my own personal style) sharp brows and simple gel liner on the eyes. Here the lipstick is a brownish red though I'd be tempted to go slightly brighter for a more modern look as snow does bounce upwards lighting the face up and therefore washing out makeup slightly. The only thing I would of done differently here is made sure the face matched the neck as the face will show the cold making you look slightly whiter than you actually are. 

For winter weddings I'd go for a slightly darker than normal brown smokey eye or like above with statement lips and winged out liner. 

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Asian Opulence

Traditional Indian bridal makeup is all about defined striking eyes and brows. So this means a strong shimmery smokey eye defined with a thick line of gel/liquid eyeliner and either lashings of mascara or false eyelashes. Also lining the bottom lids is a must to really make the eyes stand out. As for brows they are normally kept full and strong to match the eyes. 
Being bold with eyeshadow is also a possibility here as there is so much going on - so jewel toned shades such as purple, bronze/gold and turquoise will look striking. 

If you are planning an Asian wedding your options are endless so go for the shades you love the most!

Vintage Summer

This like the first set of images is all about being laid back with a nice vintage vibe to it and a theme colour of coral. The bride here has gone for a strong coral blush and a light coral lip to co-ordinate with her shoes and coral rose hair clip. This is a very pretty look however I'd be tempted to say it is abit to much of just one colour and the blush in particular is abit too strong. Though this does show how you can incorporate a colour theme into your wedding makeup with ease. 

Creating a Mood board 

Once you have alot of decisions in place - What flowers you are going to have, the bridesmaids dresses, the location, the colour theme etc it's a good time to create a mood board of swatches and pictures to give you a better idea of how you want your makeup to be on the day. If after creating the mood board you still don't have a clear idea of the types of shades you want then opting for a typical bridal look could be a good option. So a nice soft brown smokey eye, light peachy pink lips and a soft flush of a blusher of your choice. Of course this isn't for everyone and you may not want to go for vanilla/brown eye shadows so have a look at different beauty counters at there eye shadows quads to give you an idea of the type of shades that will complement each other and what you like the most.


I know this may seem like a nothing post with not alot of information, but I really wanted to stress how important it is to have a good idea of the shades you want on your eyes and also to think of how it will fit into the theme of your wedding. 
But most importantly if it suits your normal style and personality as after all you want to look like a better version of yourself on the day!

In the next post I will be looking more at eye shadows shades & textures, application, mascara and of course how different finishes/products photograph.

Would also love to know from any brides-to-be what eye shadows shades they are thinking of wearing! 

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