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After quite a few of you seemed to enjoy having a nosey at my home I thought I'd do something similar but just in the bathroom... as I definitely spend enough time in there, pampering and preening myself! Plus I recently picked up a few nice new products that I wanted to share. 

As I'm sure you will notice my bathroom is on the plain/simple side, though I like to think of it as more on the contemporary side and a bit spa like! But if definitely needs afew more green/lime accents to make it look a little more fresh and zingy!

pic 2
Towel in Lime from Next Home, Tam Tam Stool from Habitat

So last week I went shopping at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and picked up a Tam Tam stool from Habitat - which I haven't made my mind up if I want it for under my dressing table or in the bathroom. I've been wanting a Tam Tam stool for the longest time as to be honest I wanted the most expensive one which costs around £120, but I instantly came to my senses when I saw the one above in Habitat for only £15 - they came in all different colours; red, pink, teal, purple and black but I decided to pick the white one as it could suit any room that way.

I just love how it can be used for so many different things - outside as seating, as a side table, under a dressing table and of course it doubles up as storage! It surprisingly stores quite alot which makes it perfect for extras such as cleanser, cotton pads, back-ups of products and other products you don't want filling up the counters and shelves of your bathroom.

Muji Refill Bottle by Muji Selfridges, Botanics Face Brush from Boots

You are all most likely wondering what the strange concoction above is, right? Well it is in fact the best eye makeup remover ever (well in my opinion) and is totally home made! It's basically 3/4 water, 1/4 olive oil and a splash or two of rose water (which you can buy in the baking section of most supermarkets). I've been using the mixture for around 4 months now (with cotton wool pads) instead of the Botanics eye makeup remover (as I started to find it abit too greasy) and it's perfect, just so great and fresh, just the best remover I've tried. Though I have to thank Muhsine from Bubblegarm for mentioning the Muji dispenser (£2.95) as I was using an empty travel bottle and it just wasn't great. 

The Boots Botanics Facial brush (£6.10) is another favourite which is always on the side of the sink as I use it twice daily with a foaming SLS-free face wash in the morning and a cream cleanser at night and it really has transformed my skin so, so much! 

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There are definitely afew more extras that I want still, namely the tiny artificial orchids from Bloom  which are only £3 each and would look perfect in a row of three on my bathroom window sill. I'm also looking for a new quirky toothbrush holder as I'm just using a crackled mirror candle holder that's looking slightly shabby now which is why I thought the Sparrow Bird Vase from Graham & Green could make the most perfect holder if the holes are big enough to fit a toothbrush and of course if the item goes on sale, as £19.74 would be a crazy amount to spend on a toothbrush holder/vase! 

Onto more beauty related products I'm on the look out for a nice new cosmetic bag which is harder than it seems - just so many horrible textures and patterns! But I'm either going to go for the one above from Paul & Joe that comes in a set of two or spend a tiny bit more and get one by Anya Hindmarch. I'm also obsessed with scrubs at the moment in all forms so I'm dying to try the Korres Guarana Exfoliating Body Soap (£5.00) and also the gorgeous smelling Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub (£7.92).


Though I have been loving using The Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory (£9.45) on my upper body which I got last week and the strange slightly bird seed looking Exfoliating Sponge (above) which I bought from Tesco for around £4.50 which is just so good at exfoliating the legs and feet and more rough skin. 

As for what I keep next to the shower/bath... basically too much! Even more scrubs - the Naked Rice scrub and a lovely hot butter fudge scrub from N-Spa that is very similar in scent to The Breakfast Scrub. Also quite a lot of sodium lauryl sulphate free shampoos and body washes, some Veet shaving foam and a lovely Cocoa oil from Palmers which can be used on damp skin after a shower or in the bath instead of bubble bath. 

Overall my bathroom is stuffed full of lotions and potions but I don't think it too obvious which is what I love about it - it's just simple and fresh!

Really hope you have enjoyed this type of post! 


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