Weddings, Sunburn & New Purchases!

This week has just been a nightmare week - I planned to slowly prepare for a family wedding on Friday and be all relaxed and organised and then I got ill! So I thought I deserved to write a rambly sort of post and just ramble away about new makeup etc!

Let me get all my negative energy out of the way and complain about being so ill and then I can move onto the nice dress and wedding makeup! 

So like I mentioned about having a nice stress-free week planned to lead up to going to a lovely wedding on Friday. My boyfriend even booked time off work and we planned to go wedding present and dress shopping at the Trafford Centre in Manchester on the Monday. But the weekend before I developed a mouth ulcer - now this wasn't any normal ulcer it was the size of my face! Okay, a slight over exaggeration but it was on the large side and was so painful - but something I could cope with. But then I developed a lump on my jawline and what seems like one side of my face swelled up...and oh the pain! Anyway, to cut a long and boring story short I went to the GP on Monday and basically my mouth ulcer had caused a secondary infection and so he prescribed some antibiotics. My main thought being I wouldn't be able to have a drink or two (or six) at the wedding! But I guess at least it's helped with the elephant face. 

So on Wednesday I finally dragged myself off to the Trafford Centre at 11am and at 11pm I got home quite exhausted but with the dress above and a beautiful wedding present! 
I'm still not too sure on the dress... though I definitely think it is quite spring-time wedding appropriate and I do like the hint of coral with the tie.
My next slight drama was that I got sun burnt - yes in April and yes, indoors! Yesterday was actually the hottest day of the year so far (to be honest it was quite warm) and of course I thought nothing of only wearing a SPF 15 in with my Max Factor Xperience foundation. But the Trafford Centre does have a glass roof and I did spend about half an hour outside in the lovely Barton Square area eating a Selfridges brownie (to aid recovery time). 

So this morning I woke up with bright red hot cheeks and a red nose - I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to conceal this problem on Friday if it's not gone but I'm quite thankful that I decided to Xen Tan and it is making the red...less red at least! 

Moaning aside! 

I decided with the dress having a hint of coral and it being a spring wedding I would keep my makeup quite fresh and dewy with a lovely soft but vibrant coral lip. I was tempted to buy some MAC Face & Body while in Selfridges but seeing as I don't tan that often I wouldn't end up using the darker shade of F&B I would of had to purchase. So I decided to get the free sample of the Bare Essential mineral foundation (the offer ended yesterday) in lightly fair I think (which actually isn't that fair as it's maybe a shade lighter than my tanned skin at the moment). I also picked up a sample of the Estee Lauder Double Wear light which matches perfectly and I'm hoping will look good in photos.

I also bought a liquid highlighter in Superdrugs from Accessorize (£7.00) to apply as a base over the DHC Velvet Touch primer - which definitely hides a multitude of sins (and pores) to add a dewy touch to the foundation. 

As I was in a 'coral' mood I also bought the new Paraguaya Sleek palette which has some lovely shades and quite afew matte ones which means they definitely could be used as blush! 
Though after deciding of going for a dewy coral look with a bold lip - I think just a matte bronzer to contour and a dab of highlighter on the brow bone with be enough! As I'm pretty sure the any type or shade of blush would class with a coral lip and the same with eyeshadow, it would just be too much, so I'm just going to even out my lids with some Primer Potion and smudge abit of No7 Amazing Eyes pencil in Brown into the upper lash line and then finish with a lovely coat of YSL Faux Cils

It will feel quite odd not wearing eyeshadow as I do love my Naked Palette but I know a simple but beautiful dewy look calls for bare lids and just abit of bronzer. 

As for hair I'm going to pin part of it up with the pretty white flowers from H&M (£1.99 for two) at the back and leave the rest down with a slightly curl using the Babyliss Conical Wand.
I also freshly dyed my hair so no roots will be on show - something I can't stand to see in photos of myself!

On a side note I really didn't think going to a wedding would take so much preparation! I mean first there's the wedding present and a nice unique wedding card and lovely wrapping paper. Then there's having to find the right dress and decide on nice looking high heels but comfy enough to wear all day! Then you have to sort out the other half ie - pluck overgrown eyebrows and force him to moisturize! 

Then you realize that you don't actually own the perfect sheer coral/orange lipstick that will last more than 20 minutes and hydrate the lips!

So yes, high street coral lip shades suggestions would be highly appreciated before Friday afternoon! 

As for nails - To match or to not match! I am very tempted to just paint them with Collection 2000 Fruit Salad as it perfectly matches the coral tie on the dress and will show off my tan . But then I do love abit of sparkle on the nails and love the combination of Nails Inc Caramel and Gosh Silver Silver or Kiko's amazing clear glitter. 

Again would love to know what you all think - to match or to opt for nude glittery nails. 

I'm probably over thinking all of this - but I do have 2 more weddings to attend this summer  and then my own next year!!
So I guess this is all good practice!  

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