Brights Vs. Nudes for Summer!


All credit for this post has to go to 25FLONDON and her post on bright nail polishes for summer and seriously if you love bright polishes you need to go have a read/look. 
Plus she can hold more nail polishes with one hand than I can!!

Joking aside with all this warm weather and me loving nail polish you would think I would be making the most of it with all different bright shades. But sadly I'm stuck in a nude rut and keep falling back on my lovely Revlon Nude Chic for comfort... except for Tuesday when I sported Prada Banana print nails with Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemon. I doesn't sound chic, but it was!

Also if you are wondering why there's been a lack of nail posts (not that anyone would wonder about that) it's actually because I have had a lack of nails! My nails never break, ever... but I went of a Slim Fast meal replacement diet and literally all my nails broke off after my 5th day on it. Clearly my body wasn't getting enough nutrients, but then again I was making up my own rules for the diet!!

Anyway, so clearly there is no competition with wearing brights over nudes come summer - but as I love my nudes so much I thought it was a good chance to show them off, again!

Little finger to thumb - 17, Nails Inc, OPI, Models Own, Revlon.


Revlon Peach Smoothie  (14ml/ £6.29)- Almost a re-vamped version of my favourite Revlon Nude Chic. Still opaque in two coats but with a hint of shimmer and the scent of peaches (which is slightly crazy, but fun) this is perfect for summer if you do love nudes.

Models Own Champagne (14ml/£5) - This is like the non pink equivalent of Gosh Frou-Frou, just so shimmery and light reflective. It only takes two coats but is on the thin side so you do need to remember to apply a topcoat daily or else it will chip! 

OPI Bring On The Bling (15ml/£10.50) -  This isn't even a nude, but I love it, so I thought I'd include it! Makes sense... anyway this is one of my favourites and I'm so looking forward to using it this summer over brighter polishes with just one thin coat. But it is definitely one for night's out for full on glitter-tastic nails!.

Nails Inc Caramel  (Free with Diet Coke/Boots Offer) -  I really don't know why I like this so much as it is quite a boring nude but it's maybe because it's so warm looking and soft. Who knows! I just love it... again it is on the thin side as the consistency is quite watery. 

17 Unknown shade (10ml/£3.49) -I wish I knew the name of this but unfortunately the label has rubbed off but I'm sure it was Toasted something or other. Anyway it isn't the most amazing of polishes as it does take a fair few coats to get an opaque finish but I was just so impressed with the high gloss finish! It's almost like it has a top coat built into the formula that makes it appear so shiny on the nails. 

Little finger to thumb - George, Collection 2000, 17, Collection 2000, George


George @ Asda Sunset Orange (5ml/£1.50) - For the price this is an amazing shade! It can be slightly hard to work with like all pastel/cream polishes but if you let each coat dry then it applies like any nail polish. As it states it does dry quick which is good especially for the price. All in all just a really cheap & very summery nail polish.

Collection 2000 Fruit Salad (8ml/£1.79)  - I do really like this shade as it's kind of a muted coral but it really works well with a nice tan. However I haven't had it forever really and it has gone gloppy which I have noticed can happen with the Hot Looks nail polishes. My guess is they are made rather cheaply. But then again for the price, the shade and application of this is good. 

17 Mint Choc Chip (8ml/£2.99) - I also look at this as think I don't like it as it's such a bright blue pastel but then I apply it and always like it! However never on the toes... it just looks odd, it seems to highlight them. It also seems to look better on short nails rather than long as well.

Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemons (8ml/£1.79) - I've only had this afew month and have only really used it a handful of times as it is pretty much a banana yellow! But then again yellow nails are supposed to be in this year and they definitely look good if you are wearing navy. Unlike the other one, this hasn't gone gloppy but I'm sure it will start heading that way in 4/5 months. This is definitely more of a trend shade than one that I'll be using for years to come. 

George @ Asda Magical (5ml/£1.50) - In the bottle this looks amazing but it just takes so many coats to get it looking like the bottle shade! Which is abit of a shame as I love the shade but it always just looks on the weak side. However this on the toes is perfect in 3 coats and it looks fab. Again you really can't grumble at George prices.

So which bright shades do I need to buy? Well actually reading 25FLONDON's post I now want to get Rimmel Tangerine Queen and I think I definitely need to try afew of Barry M's pastel shades. Also I have spotted afew smaller & brighter Barbara Dala nail polishes at Tesco whilst food shopping. 

Also I think I may just have to have a look on Ebay for the OPI mini Summer Flutter set!

Feel free to drop me a comment recommending bright shades that I can google for swatches... pretty please!

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