A Beautiful Refillable Perfume Wand for only £6!


With so many perfumes I'm constantly thinking of ways to decant my current favourite into something lighter so that I can carry it in my handbag without the weight of a full sized bottle. 

Of course there's the Travelo a 4ml refillable spray that you can buy from most fragrance shops for around £8-10. But to be honest it's not the best looking thing which is why I've never been lured in to purchasing one, it's just too practical and rubbish looking for my liking. 
However what I do own is a Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker 4.4ml perfume wand which you can buy for £6 and is one beautiful product! Sleek, well made, compact and yes, practical.

As it is a Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely product is does of course contain 4.4ml of Lovely perfume oil which is a beautiful scent in itself and I only did re-use it after I'd used up most of it. But if you really didn't like the perfume you could just pour it away or even decant it into afew perfume sample vials. 

So here's how to turn this £6 product into your own beautiful refillable perfume wand for any perfume!

The perfume wand is pen style roller ball that's made up of mainly glass with a metal outer casing to protect it and trust me it can with stand alot as it's been in my handbag for the last 8 months or so and is still in perfect condition. 

As you can see below the whole thing actually dismantles quite easily. The metal casing just unscrews off so you can see how much perfume you have left I guess! Then you can also pop off the plastic roller ball part by using your finger nail or a normal kitchen/eating knife. 


Even if you have used up all the perfume in the wand (like I had) or your just pouring it away or into something else you will need to thoroughly wash it in warm soapy water to remove all the oil residue and the scent of the perfume. You will also need to do the same to the plastic roller ball part. 

Once you have cleaned it so there is no scent at all left behind then you will have to leave the inside to fully dry by a window or you can hair dry it dry on the cold setting. 

Then of course you pick the perfume that you want to use with it - for me this was simple as I'm still pretty obsessed with the now discontinued Space NK Tuberoli perfume. But I hardly carry it around with me as the 50ml bottle is on the weighty side and I'm always scared of it smashing in my bag (as I can't just pop into Space NK and buy it anymore!).


The next part is more than easy as it takes seconds (I guess all of it's been easy to do though). All you really do is squirt the perfume directly into the glass tube continuously until it's nears the top. However if you know that you may want a different perfume in it say next week then only fill a 1/4 of it as once you have done it there is no way of putting the perfume back into it's original bottle. 

Then you pop the rollerball top back in, screw back on the metal casing and you are done! 


The roller ball is really good quality as it doesn't stick while you are using it so it released the perfume evenly and as it's less than a spray, the 4.4ml with last you a lot longer than you expect! 

For the price the perfume wand really is beautiful and as I've shown just so handy to use with any perfume so that you can finally carry it in your handbag and not even notice! 

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