Selling My Soul To Satan!

Slightly dramatic I know... but it's not everyday that I literally sell my addiction away! 

As I am sure you will know I like to pride myself on being savvy and 90% of the time I feel I am... I love mostly highstreet makeup (as you all know) and use most of the products I own. But I do have a slight addiction to nail polish - high street and high end (ok, I never go as far as Chanel or YSL) and I thought that was totally fine. However at the weekend I decided to re-sort every single nail polish I own and came to realize I have far too many, but more to the point far too many expensive ones! 

Now I can see why people like more expensive nail polishes - they generally last longer, there's a wide range of shades, sometimes more unique shades also the brand name, even the nail polish name! 

But the thing is... I love so many high street brands especially Barry M, Models Own, Gosh and George that cater my needs so well! They have unique shades, fun polish names (minus the stupid Barry M numbering system) and good formulas. But the main thing for me is I paint my nails at least every other day so my nail polish rarely chip - so why do I need a more expensive nail polish that could last 4 days chip free? 

So minus afew special ones I have decided to have a UK blog sale on Saturday afternoon and I'm literally going to sell most of the high end nail polishes I own and afew average priced ones that I just don't use that much! 

Like last time the pricing will be fair and I will definitely try to under cut eBay and other websites and to make things easier I will be making all products P&P free. 

It does seem a little dramatic but I just won't miss them and it's not even like I need the money for anything in particular... though I do think it's time for a new Ted Baker Ikon bag! 
I just feel I've got to the point where it's abit too materialistic and slightly obsessive and I'd rather go back to my cheap thrills with Barry M and George! 

I mean some of my favourite shades cost £1-3!

I just love all my purple shades and not a one cost over £4... I love Stargazer for there amazing duo chrome shades and the free Nails Inc offers that seem to be around every year. Not to mention the beautiful Kiko polishes Fiamma sends me and my love of the £1 George nail polishes. Then there's my nudes polishes - there is nothing better than a new ones from Models Own and Revlon.

I'm also going to be keeping all my mini OPI sets and will continue to purchase more from either eBay or ASOS as I just think they are great value for money and I have still yet to finish a bottle. Plus I love the packaging and how small & cute they are!

But like I mentioned I am going to keep the odd few more expensive nail polishes that I really love like OPI Bring The Bling (see above) that my sister bought me for Christmas and just absolutely love..even if it does tend to chip, it's just an amazing polish which also means something and reminds me of Christmas!

It's time to step back and enjoy the nail polishes I do own and recapture why I first started to love nail polish! 

Hope you can all pop by for the Nail Polish Sale on Saturday! 



  1. Really want to try some Stargazer polishes! x

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :'( I cry. I'm at work Saturday afternoon :(

  3. I'm excited, I've been wanting polishes for ages! Will you tweet when it's up please? :)

  4. Ms Red - Awwww that's a shame, should of made it for Sunday thinking about it now!

    Yu - Yep ofcourse I will!

    Fee x

  5. nooooo im away on holiday sat morning ;(

  6. No!!! I don't live in the UK!! :(

  7. WOW!!!
    I now have something to look forward to this weekend!! I'll definitely be back to check it out!


  8. What a brilliant idea, hope it goes well for you.

  9. Cant wait! x

  10. Roll on Saturday! What time will the selling frenzy start? And how much will P&P be, if you don't mind me asking?

  11. You haven't sold your soul to the devil, Fee! You've just been shopping across the other side to see what the fuss is about a £10+ bottle, so you can give us a good balanced review :D

    Can't wait for the sale though. Care to give us a lil' hint on the brands on offer?

    A rough estimate on time is much appreciated also.

    Cassie x

  12. Ohh exciting! I shall be popping back on saturday. =)
    Would love to see a post on your whole collection!
    =) xXx

  13. Exciting! What time on Saturday? Will you tweet when it starts?


  14. Definitely will tweet before it goes live - will be at 2pm on Saturday!

    Will include some OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, Stargazer, Models Own and afew other brands.

    Fee x

  15. Darn it - wish I was in the UK! Haha - good luck with your sale - you have the best colors!!
    xo Emily

  16. Good for you! It always feels so good to cut the excess, start fresh and head in another direction! XO

  17. love ur blog
    please check out mine!

  18. I'll be popping back on Saturday :) 90% of my polishes are 'high-end', mostly OPI, China Glaze, Jessica and Chanel - but I wear my polish for up to a week usually, as it's rare I have the time to sit down and do a good job of my nails and then actually let them dry properly too. I've just not found many high street brands that wear as well, or apply as well, which is a shame really.

    R.e. Bring on the Bling, I tend to find the OPI glitters last better if you do two coats over a similar plain polish underneath (e.g. for BOTB I use OPI Glitzerland) rather than 3 coats on their own - I can usually get at least 4 chip-free days that way, sometimes more xx

  19. Am tempted to get a thermos of tea and a sleeping bag and just stay right here til 2pm Saturday!x

  20. Just in time! I got a nail polish remover I *shouldn't* be allergic to yesterday so I feel a nail polish splurge coming on!

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