The Runway Nail Art Edit

Marc Jacobs, Prada, Jill Sander and Burberry Prorsum

Now I'm no fashionista... but I do like my nail art to look chic. So what better way than to take inspiration from the catwalk for this year's Spring/Summer Trends. 

The nail art you see above are my first attempts at something abit different, so they aren't perfect - though I personally think they turned out quite well. So I am going to perfect afew of them a bit more and then have a nail tutorial week along side all my other posts of course. 

I'm thinking... 1 post about how to find inspiration for nail art & what tools are good but also cheap to use. Then over five days,  five different tutorials and a little giveaway on the last day with maybe some nail polishes and a nice Models Own Nail Art Pen! 

 For all the nail art above I took inspiration from the Elle Runway Edit that came free with Elle magazine afew months ago now after being inspired by the bold Prada Banana print above! Though I have to say my own take of it does need abit of work - especially on the shade of yellow I used!

But the one that turned out to look the best has to be the Jill Sanders print as the merging nail polishes just look beautiful... though I think I may need to use a little less nail polish and more deep blue/red shades with a bit of yellow like on my little finger.

Like all of the nails this one was so easy to do and quite fun! 

My last tutorial will be a lightly non-wearable nail look, but the dress above by Alexander McQueen is just so beautiful that I couldn't not try it out! 
 I really do love the look even though it is slightly quirky looking... but it really is more of a homage to the late Alexander McQueen than anything else really. 
But all shall be revealed on Day 6 of my nail tutorial week! 

So make sure to check back next Monday for simply daily nail tutorials & of course a nice giveaway!

Also would love to know which design you would prefer to see first.

Fee xo. 



  1. I love the Jill Sanders print one, it's so artsy =) I'd love to see the Burberry one

  2. You are so good at this kind of thing. very talented!

  3. Love these looks, I love the creativity!

  4. ohhh goodness, the jil sander one is AMAZING!!!

  5. The Jill Sanders white/multi one please Fee. Glad to see that other people are appreciating your nail art talent too. I think they are gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing the tutorial's x

  6. do you know where to get cheap nail art pens ?

  7. Look amazing, so talented!!

  8. Wow they all look amazing not seen anything like it! x x x

  9. your so talented if i could just paint my nails alright i would be happy :} xxx

  10. i love the brightness, soooo jelous x

  11. wow Fee I love this, I'm looking forward to the others now :) This is a great idea, I love it !!!

  12. Wow such an amazing idea! Really impressed with these I'm going to hit this up on twitter as I think more people should check this tutorial out. The Jil Sander one is spot on such a great nod to the looks on the catwalk.

  13. I love the way the Jill Sanders print came out perfect! Must try!

  14. YEAH! I love this! I did your marc jacobs one from a while back. The one with the bows on pink nails and I loved it! :) I love this part of your blog the most.
    Love Lois xxx

  15. OMG this is crazy!! Lol you like dressed up your fingers Lol, Im going to try and recreate my clothes on my nails Now :D x

  16. Each looks better than the last!!!
    I gotta give it to you, you're crazy skilled and creative!!! ;) xx


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