Origins Good to Glow Boots Offer only £12.50!

Just thought I'd show you the actual products that come in the Origins set that I mentioned last week, especially since it's still in stock! 

 The Origins Good To Glow Ginzing Eye Gift Set includes -

GinZing Eye Cream 15ml - RRP £20
Full Story Lush-lash Mascara in Black 2ml 
Duel Ended Liquid Lip Colour 1ml - in You're Golden and Beaming Berry

Which was an exclusive Christmas giftset for Boots retailing at £25.00.
As I mentioned above the product is surprisingly still in stock - so if you want it, I'd get it quick here.

I've been using the GinZin Refreshing Eye cream for 3 days now - so I can't obviously talk about the long term effects...but actually I think this may be more of an instant effect product even though I'm sure it will soften the eye area over time. 

By that I's almost like a brightening concealer as it can be used under or over makeup and really does reflect the light around the eyes. Also it does have quite a nice cold zingy feeling when applied so particularly good on tired eyes in the morning. Overall a nice eye cream that gives instant results.

I do think £20 at full price for only 15ml is pretty steep though but then again you do need such a small amount so I can imagine it lasting months and months. But we shall see!
From Top to Bottom - Ginzing eye cream, You're Golden lipgloss, Beaming Berry lipgloss. 

As for the duel ended lipgloss - They almost remind me of the Burt Bees ones, mainly as they are Peppermint scented and really glossy. But they are rather sparkly are you can see in the above swatches, though Beaming Berry does look very pretty over plum lipstick. 

I haven't tried the mascara yet as I have far too many that I'm trying to finish at the moment, so think I will save it till I'm going away somewhere sunny!

All in all a great little set that's a bargain at £12.50!



  1. Thanks for sharing this,i am so in love with trying out new body creams, face creams, hand creams, eye creams and at this bargain price its defo worth it xx

  2. Woohoo mine arrives next weeks :D

  3. Just ordered it, been after an eye cream for ages. Thanks for the reminder, I meant to buy it when you blogged about it last week but forgot, so shocked it's still in stock! xx

  4. Thanks for this, ordered one on sunday night to be picked up in store!

  5. That set looks lovely and I like the colour of the lipgloss <3

  6. Those swatches are gorgeous!

  7. Ahh I picked this up last week :) how tiny wee was the lipgloss though? mind you I was only after the eye cream..what a barg!xo

  8. Love the look of the eye cream! x

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  10. That berry lipgloss is gorgeous, such a barginous buy! x

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