NOTD - Revlon Silver

Just a quick nail of the day to show you what I'm wearing on my nails today and over the weekend! 
I actually got this off eBay as it's an old nail polish from Revlon so it's not in there current line. However when I received it I was almost sure it was a fake (even though I didn't think Revlon fakes existed...though I wouldn't be surprised). As it didn't have a number on the top or anything saying it was a Limited Edition polish... it also didn't have a label with a bar code on the bottom. 

So I really don't know, but the brush and formula is exactly like all the other Revlon nail polishes I have so I'm not too miffed by possibly buying a fake. 
Quite easy to apply if you remember to wipe off the excess on the top of the bottle as it is watery consistency and only needs 2 coats.

Anyway, I really do love the shade even if it is a bit on the boring side as it reminds me of blue tack. Oh, wouldn't that be a good name for a nail polish 'blue tack'! 

Really getting into Revlon nail polishes at the moment - so need some recommendations especially for some brighter shades! 



  1. I love Revlon nailpolishes, I have a few. This colour is nice!

  2. lovely colour

    you've got a great blog here - I'm following!

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  3. I love this colour - I actually just posted my NOTW which is this, lol.

  4. Im in love with this shade, so fresh =)

  5. I saw this shade and most of the line it came out with in T J Hughes (wish I'd picked this one up now!) Looking at the bottles of the ones I got they don't have a number, just a name, so I doubt it's fake :)

    Kelly x

  6. thats a gorgeous shade im going to paint mine tonight as i put false nails on a bit ago and they ruined my nails :[ had to wait for ages for them to grow back haha might paint them white r grey after seeing this lol xxx

  7. You need to be careful with fakes Fee. I've been doing research on them for a couple years now and although you may find them to be 'just as good' they are fake because they just illegal ingredients. These are illegal because they are poisonous. Although it's not as bad as you'd expect from a fake that you were to put near the eyes, you can still damage your poor nails :(

    I really hope it's not a fake Fee! Try and speak to Revlon about it!

  8. Their classic creamy pink colour 'Cherries in the Snow' would look great as a mani or pedi - yes I said pedi bring on Summer or some kind of decent weather so I can wear my flip flops again..........


  9. i don't have any Revlon nailpolishes but i have to try,that's a nice colour:p

  10. Such a lovely shade, I only have one revlon nail polish and its word, stunning :-)
    Would you recommend any particular models own nail polish colours?

  11. I am absolutely desperate to get Revlon's Perfect Coral polish! I neeeeeed it!! xxx

  12. I was just browsing fragrance direct and I think I came across this shade so I doubt the ebay was a fake :D x

  13. Try Revlon Perplex! If you can get your hands on it.

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