Beauty Rediscoveries

I sometimes wonder how products I've loved so very much get thrown into a drawer and are just forgotten about. It sadly is comparable to a child with too many toys really!

Not that I'm complaining or anything!

 Here are the products that I actually had to take out of hiding in order to re-love and appreciate again. All truly deserving a mention for standing the test of time and being good quality products. 
17 Blush & Glow 'Peaches and Cream' - £3.99
How I forgot about this beautiful highlight/blush duo I do not know...well actually I kind of do. It's a definite blusher to wear when the sun is shining and you are feeling all glowy. So this in winter in just a no-no for me. But seeing as the sun has been shining slightly in the last two weeks I have been re-using it and absolutely loving it again -far more than any other more expensive blushers I own (yes sometimes I am un-savvy and spend £15+ on a single blusher... though believe me the guilt sets in afterwards). I just love how it's a rose gold blush and then you have such a great highlight too. 
It is equally as beautiful mixed together... to see how amazing it looks all swirled together check out a swatch of it in my Favourite Affordable Blushers post.  
Topshop Brighten in 'Moonlight' - £7.00 
Again another sadly neglected product that I only used for a month or so last year. However at the moment my skin seems to be abit more pink toned than usual and with this concealer being quite yellow it's working perfectly under the eyes and even around my nose. It's also really nice and creamy which is something I miss when using YSL Touche Eclat if I'm honest! Also Touche Eclat in Shade 1 is abit to pink for me at the moment so this is a great alternative. 

Models Own Lip Balm 'Ballet Pink' & 'Fuschia-full' - £5.00
Ok, I admit I have way too many lip balms to count now which is why I forgot about ones I love and these two I do indeed love. Fuschia is just amazingly pigmented and looks like a super glossy lipstick but with great staying power,moisture and a lovely scent of berries! Ballet Pink is harder to describe as it really isn't pink and is slightly colourless as it's more of a sheen. Just really beautiful, though I do find the scent abit to perfumed! 
Been wearing both when I can't be bothered with lipstick but also not want something as simple as a lip gloss. 

Sleek Storm i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette - £6.49 
For months and months I relied on this palette daily but then the soon becoming iconic Urban Decay Naked Palette came into my life and like Woody The Cowboy the Sleek palette spent it's days in a box after my house move. But since realizing I've been neglecting so many other eye shadows I dug this out and dusted it off! 
Of course some of the shades aren't great on the fall out front but oh my how I love the top row of 6 eye shadows. If you don't own the palette already you must have a look at the beautiful swatches on Best of Beaute
I'm really glad I've seen the light of day and stopped using the Naked Palette EVERY day to make room for other beautiful eye shadows. 

I've also re-discovered the beauty and relaxation of reading again - I seem to go through fazes of loving to read and can really put time aside to just read without any distractions. But since last November until last week I hadn't read a thing - unless you call magazines, reading! So I've been trying to get back into having some 'me' time and reading for 30 minutes before bed each night. Some nights I read Tony Parsons Man and Boy if I want something abit more serious and fictional and then others I lust after all the gorgeous products and places in the Goddess Guides. Truly amazing books that I continuously give as presents and tell people about - they are that good. 

Please tell me you all forget much loved products from time to time as well.
So I don't feel guilt for my ever growing makeup collection!



  1. The first two products look really nice - you should use them more :-)

  2. Definitely do! I was thinking the same about my Storm palette the other day, I should bust it out soon :)

  3. I found my old Ruby & Millie Palette recently, great for smokey eyes. And as I recall I got it just after xmas 08 so it was in the sale. Bargain.

  4. I love these kind of posts, I am also guilty of forgetting some of the many palettes I have, theres just too many!

  5. I totally agree about The Goddess Guides - every girl or woman should own one! It is sad that so much makeup ends up forgotten about :(


  6. that lip balm is BRIGHT! i love it :)

  7. Love the look of that blush :)

    Sarah xx

  8. I love the lip balm shades, gorgeous really :)

  9. Wow the Blusher/ Highlighter Duo is amazing! x

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