You had me at a Sample

I love samples and mini products! 
Most of the time they come with either 'spend over X' offers or try-me gift sets and are such a good way to see if you truly like a product.
So I thought it would be interesting to show which products I've actually bought after trying out the sample of it.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 
I first got the mini Primer Potion with an old Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette and instantly loved it - just keeps eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day, a real miracle product. So after using it daily for months I decided to buy the full sized version at £12 from Boots and have had it for well over a year. 
I'm sure it will last me for a lot longer, but as I bought the Naked Palette afew months ago I now have a mini back up as well!

On a side note - I know that most people that have tried the Primer Potion have loved it, but I've also read afew bad reviews saying that the primer just didn't work at all for them. I really think this is down to how much you use. You need such a tiny amount and when I say tiny, I mean tiny! If the eyelid feels greasy after you have rubbed it in you have applied way too much. The eyelids should feel like they have nothing on them. 

Yes to Tomatoes Total Treatment 
Facial Mask 
 I first tried the Yes to Tomatoes Face mask in A Mini Serving of Tomatoes set (which you can see here) it contained four different products but this was by far my favourite. The mask is for oily to combination skin and literally works wonders... well it would have to, to re-purchase the £12.25 full size version! I kept the mini pot as it's handy to scoop out abit from the large pot and store the mini pot in my bathroom cabinet. 

I do think anything over £10 is expensive for a face mask, but I recommend this to anyone with an oily T zone or combination skin as it really is the best I've used!

No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream
 I think I got the sample of this with a No7 Gift set and at first I wasn't overly impressed. Didn't smell that great and didn't really love the texture. But it made such a difference to my nails - no more flaking and my cuticles stopped peeling. So I decided to buy the overly expensive at £10.50 No7 Hand Cream. I use it nightly and I'm still impressed with the results - but be warned overly rub it in and your hands will smell of fish!! 

I've also bought afew No7 Mascaras after trying the mini versions in the free sets they do when you spend over so much in-store. 

Would love to know which samples have led to purchases for you!



  1. Me too re UDPP, will be buying full size when mini from NAKED runs out. Avene send out samples if you register on their www and then do skin diagnosis - which was a great way to try stuff before buying as have very sensitive reactive skin, as a result have the full range and skin is LOVING it!

  2. I'm totally addicted to kits, I think every single makeup or cosmetic brand should offer them as they're cheaper and useful: I espally love the kit from cargo as I find them in sale every summer. A big bargain!

  3. I love this Yes To Tomatoes range. Have got the kit and wanna purchase full sized products now :)

  4. I've been considering trying some products from Yes to Carrots and Yes to Tomatoes, I might get a little sampler set to give them a go x

  5. last month, i bought the full size versions of urban decay's 24/7 eye pencil and josie maran's argan oil after trying out the sample sizes. i'm loving both so much at the moment :)

  6. I always get samples when I'm abroad then find out they are only brands you can find in that country when I get back! I have a mental list in various countries...

  7. Definitely the Origins Modern Friction exfoliant. One try of that and I was hooked.

    Thanks for the Primer Potion tip. I actually have two, one from the UD Naked Palette and another from NYC Palette. I didn't like it but clearly I've been using too much. I'll try it again.

  8. I got a sample of Guam Lacote Body Scrub to try it first because it was expensive and I feel in love. It has been one of my favourite scrubs that I've reviewed.

  9. Samples totally work! I wish I got more, maybe that way I wouldn't spend so much on cosmetics.
    I bought the full sized bottle of Bliss foaming face wash after my boyfriend got me a sample from a hotel in NYC. I didn't like it so much when I got a full size though, which is a bit weird!

  10. Nice post! I love urban decay primer. I bought a great bargain last week in debenhams. Two full size UD primers for £15. i posted my purchase on my blog
    Have a great day!

  11. I love GWP samples simply because I can try a wealth of products that are NOT full size. This means I get the satisfaction of finishing something up faster!

    After trying the Lancome Hydrazen daily moisturiser, I had to get the full size. Same for the Clinique All About Eyes.

    Makeup-wise, I'm rather more blase since I've quite a lot anyway, and have yet to finish up anything (officially, lol).

    Also, I'v haul post from Cherry Culture that I would love for you to check out please!

    Cassie x

  12. i got a sample of chanel vitalumiere foundation its now firmly on next months shopping list xxx

  13. I love samples too, they're a great way to try new products, but I also take some of them with me on trips! ;)

    I have a Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara sample and I've purchased the full size too :)


  14. One of my former pupils got me a Soap&Glory gift set a few years ago that contained mini products... needless to say I bought them all later and they are still beauty staples. Also, in a No7 gift set I got for Christmas one year it contained cleanser, toner and Essential Moisture moisturiser, which I still use today.

    I think it's a great way to try something new!


  15. I've purchased the full sized Clarins pure melt cleansing gel after getting a sample and loving it, I'll also be purchasing the full sized Lancome Bi-Facil when the samples Ive got (xmas pressent kit) run out.
    And anything from The Sanctuary... LOVE LOVE LOVE the little ones I got in a set for xmas.

  16. I have a mini UDPP and would definitely buy the full size too!x x x

  17. I really want to try that Yes to Tomatoes mask!

  18. Hmmm.. that's a great question!
    Well, I've been introduced to my HG moisturiser (YSL Hydra Feel) through a sample, skincare samples are paramount before purchasing imo!
    As for makeup, I 'd love to get a full sized Chanel Exceptionnel, I really enjoyed using a mini version I had...!

    On that note, I must say I love samples/trial versions, I wish all brands would offer more of them and not just only when the purchased total reaches a certain (steep) price!!!


  19. Just got the fish smell from Protect and Perfect hand cream! Can't believe it. Really glad it isn't just me though x


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