Which Beauty Ads Do You Trust?

I of course trust the ads of product's that I already use and like. But what about new products  - which adverts do you believe and which ones do you flick by or even at times actually annoy you! 

I definitely find more jargon and statistics based beauty ads are less believable than simplistic, to the point ads. Of course they are all airbrushed and photo shopped but it does feel like they have less to hide and that the brand truly believes in there own product - which is encouraging! 
A specific advert that I have really liked and definitely trust is the... 

Revlon Fire & Ice Lipstick & Nail Polish advert -  The whole concept of revamping the Fire & Ice range is great, but actually recreating the 1952 ad and comparing them side by side is pure genius. The ad really shows the heritage and strength of Revlon as a company and show how two matching products can be so glamorous, just like the two models.
Just brilliant, there is nothing not to trust here!  

Clockwise from Top - Burberry beauty range, Clarin's Skin Illusion foundation and Max Factor's Lipfinity Lip Tint.

Again with the Burberry ad - the simplisty is refreshing and makes you focus on the beauty of the makeup, rather that having to look at diagrams or reading about patent's and clinical trails.
As for the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation ad - I'm in two minds about it, the text starts off well saying ' Like a second skin, it subtly improves yours' which is believable, but then it starts to mention a foundation 'with a cocktail of minerals and plant extracts that deliver flawless, radiant skin' which is so vague it could mean anything. 
Right at the end of the caption they state that Clarin's is No.1 in European luxury skin care, with an asterisk to say the finding came from 'European Forecasts'. Now really what does that even mean? Is it a prediction or an industry guide? If I haven't got a clue I'm sure most other people don't have either!

Now for the adverts that are just asking not to be trusted...

Rimmel London ad featuring Lily Cole

Just look at them tarantulas! Oops, I mean 'digitally enhanced eyelashes', silly me! I mean really, I could of done the same job with my sharpie pen. Rimmel seems to be one of the worst for digitally enhancing there models to the point that they look alien like.
This specific mascara is the Rimmel Max Bold Curves and it may curl the lashes and give a bold effect, but this image alone actually makes me think that it most likely won't give that great of an effect - hence why they need to over exaggerate. 

L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara ad
Another type of ad that I really dislike it one that specifically goes out of it ways to look natural, letting lines and pores be visible and then obviously using lots of single fake eyelashes and photoshop on the eyes. 
This actual mascara is good and gives alot of volume...but sadly the ad just doesn't 'do' it for me!

Maybelline The Eraser Foundation
Last but not least is the worst kind of all that includes every type of marketing going - the photoshopped before & after, the 'science' behind it all with nifty diagrams and the patents!
Not to mention the 7 years of research! 

This specific advert is six pages long with all types of nonsense wrote about a single foundation! 
The amount of money this must cost compared to a simple YSL single page foundation ad must be huge.

All in all, if a product needs to overly photoshopped or overloads the consumer with bold claims than the product really cannot be that amazing to start with. 

Would love to know which beauty ad's you dislike the most! 



  1. I don't trust pretty much any mascara ad. I'm not sure if it's the case in the UK, but in Australia they have to state if an ad has been photoshopped, so in all mascara ads they say "the lashes have been digitally enhanced for consistency" or some other rubbish like that. We're not stupid, we know when lashes are real and when they are fake.

  2. I couldn't agree more! Who has eyes that white anyway?! Well, unless you're blessed with Photoshop following your every move, then I'd guess no-one ;) I much prefer the simpler beauty ads and tend to skip as quick as I can past the 'hyped up' ones. I love the Aveda adverts and the Clinique ones tend to look 'clean' & the hype is toned down. Great post :) x

    Catherine x


  3. before i even read some of your worst ads, i was thinking to myself:
    - Rimmel
    - L'Oreal
    - Maybelline
    are simply the most annoying ads to me! (haha...)
    I agree, they're all way over-exaggerated & I've always been reluctant to try out products they advertise heavily (as you've shown).

  4. Definitely agree with mascara ads. I don't know one girl that would watch those adverts, know it's enhanced and buy the product based off that. I like the Max Factor advert (false effect mascara?) that shows the model with just the mascara on, no Photoshop.

    Sarah x

  5. i seriously hate mascara adverts, the words "styled with lash inserts and digitally enhanced in post-production" are so annoying! perfume adverts are quite good though :) x

  6. Mascara ads are the worst.

    Hair ads with hair extensions and when they just pour loads of serum over the hair to make it look shiny and call it conditioner.

    I don't trust any - going back to your first statement - until AFTER I try it and know it works.

  7. I will go with the familly here, mascara's are the worst! How good can your mascara be if they are advertised with fake lashes? Surely when I buy a mascara I dont want to have to buy fake lashes to have the same results!

  8. I think I mainly "trust" lipstick and eyeshadow ads. Mostly because I just focus on the colors when I see these things. I always take the ads with a grain of salt and generally just as info about what products are out, and what I would like to look for in the stores. Sometimes, I'll see an ad for a product and then quickly do a search online for proper reviews!


  9. i hate most of them - the foundation ones have always been airbrushed and the mascara/hair ones always put in tiny print - model is wearing extensions grrrr!!

  10. Good point, the lash adverts are ridiculous!
    So not from the mascara! :D
    Izzy x

  11. I dont really trust any advert, but Id agree that your main culprits are the worst offenders for fakery.

    I like the adverts for the higher end makeup.. chanel, dior etc, because there always a work of art.. but Im still in no rush to buy them.

  12. i never trust ANY mascara ads. they're all ridiculous! i feel slightly offended that they would think us stupid enough to believe our lashes will actually look like the ad when it's obvious the model/actress is wearing falsies.

    i agree with you also regarding all the statistics. i suppose when it comes to skincare, it makes sense. but the more stats i see, the less i seem to care. reading reviews online is the way to go for me.

  13. i always wanted to try these lippainting-pencils i think it's so much fun to draw on your lips like on a paper :P
    I trust in the german brand labello :)


    please follow! :)

  14. I'm not quite sure which ones I trust but I do know that I don't trust mascara or hair dye adverts!

  15. Honestly, I 've stopped trusting ads alltogether ever since I discovered the beauty community!!!
    Surely, I'll look at the pretty photos and read what's new out there, but I draw the line right about there.. unless it's a completely innovative formula (in that case I might read on to learn a few more things), I'd just flip the page...! ;)

  16. Unique post - this really got me thinking!

    I totally hate mascara ads with "lash inserts"..at least now they have to disclose that they're using them!

    I think the best way to sell mascara to me would be to do a before and after picture - then you can see what is due to the mascara, and what is due to the person's natural lashes (of course most ad companies would photoshop that too!)

    I don't think I really trust any mag ads anymore - I only rely on blogs and Make Up alley reviews...so glad that the beauty blogging world is out there to dispel myths and to highlight what really works!

  17. I don't trust any adverts. The mascara ones are a complete joke! I rely on blogs and youtube vids if I'm curious about a product these days xx

  18. Yeah sorry to swear but all ad's are bollocks, I always love in the small writing with hair/lash extension's and I don't know if you read my rant about the nice and easy advert haha if not check it out. I really loved the Dove ad's with the pro age and showing REAL women. I think people (women/girls) are sick of having to live up to this ideal that get's shoved in our face 24/7 .....The joke is even these model/celebs don't look like that with their product. I read blogs and ask friends, you soon know what's good v what's crap :)

  19. To be honest, I rarely trust any beauty adverts. If a product catches my attention then I'll google the product and rely on blog reviews instead. I find mascara adverts to be the worst. They all use fake lashes and digital enhancement, so how are we supposed to see what the mascara actually does? x

  20. One of the reasons I didn't try Loreal Volume Million mascara was due to the adverts, I am glad I did though as I think it is a fab mascara. I wish to see the end of lash inserts and digital enhancement in these ads.

  21. I second everyone here, I might see the ad and enjoy the photos and everything but reading actual reviews is the way to go!!!!! or at least not believing right away.. :) I really believe them less these days and I'm sceptical, thank God!! :)

  22. I don't trust adverts in general, most of them lie and use photoshop! Not to mention HUGE false eyelashes in mascara ads, that gets on my nerves!! I look at them, but I don't trust them.



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