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I may not talk about it that often but my skin is a nightmare to deal with. It's far from being acne so I don't want to be over the top about it - but my skin is just so complex that it's a weekly challenge to keep it spot-free and whitehead free (which it never is). 

So I have learnt to only stick to simple skincare brands that are sulfate free and as natural as possible, so not to flare up my skin in anyway - the main brands I use are Naked, Liz Earle and Good Things. 
Brands such as Neurogena, Garnier, L'Oreal, Nivea and Clearasil just don't come into the equation anymore when out shopping. 
Yet last week I still found myself reaching for the Garnier Pure A Overnight Spot Treatment on the clearance shelf - I firstly was lured in by the price (£2.40) and then by the fact it was an overnight spot treatment, something you don't normally see. Plus it was a 40ml tube (the normal size of spot treatments seems to be around 10-20ml)!

Now I'm not going to tell you all the jibba jabba on the back as to be honest it really don't matter, but it is good to know that it contains 2% Salicylic Acid (great for spots) and the normal retail price is around £4.50 - so still very affordable. 

As for if it works or not - I'm impressed! I don't put it all over my face as it suggests, as I don't have spots everywhere. I just dab the clear gel onto each spot at night and every morning each spot seems to be fading that bit more. 
I'd say it takes about 3 nights of the treatment to see a good difference! 

I do find though the more you continuously use any spot product the less affect it can become, so for that reason I'm only trying to use it every other night now, even thought I am really liking the results. 

I also found it slightly tightens pores and breaks down hard to budge whiteheads. 

A bit of a boring product that 
may not be that relevant to some people, but it's not every day you 
come across and affective yet inexpensive spot treatment!



  1. I have a real problem with my own skin and always stay away from those sorts of products. I tend to get spots but also red blotches/rashes on my skin that stay for a few days, it's very weird! I have so many different spot treatments, I find that Freederm works well but as you say, they tend to stop working after a while of using them. I might try this.

  2. I've been on the lookout for a spot treatment for a while now since my skin has been uncharacteristically spotty over the past few weeks, think I'll look into this!

    Sarah x

  3. I have awful skin but recently came across Garnier Skin Naturals Clean & Soft Complete Cleansing Milk Dry and Sensitive skin. I know they do another version but it's the one in the pink bottle.
    I never normally try these things sticking to boots/superdrug own brand fragrance free facewash but honestly my skin has clamed down alot. I really do urge anyone with skin problems who wear make up to give it ago

  4. @sg-bee -

    You know I totally agree with you, bigger brands can see like they won't be too good on the skin, but it can be quite the opposite.
    I actually use the Garnier Skin Naturals Toner for Dry & Sensitive skin - which I just find to be great on my sensitive/oily skin. As most toners can be too strong. But this really does work.
    I don't over do it though and just use it afew times a week.

    I think Garnier is a good range on the whole!

    Thanks for commenting,

    Fee x

  5. I am always on the lookout for a good product to help shrink my pores and get rid of white heads/black heads. It's so hard to find something that works, but so far I've been using an alpha hydroxy acid cream that seems to have been working. This sounds great and I would love to try it!

  6. will have to try that out, i hate my spots!xxx


  7. Have used this spot treatment but unfortunately it broke me out. I thought it was great in the beginning but after a week or two I had new spots on my cheeks and nose and I never usually get them there :(
    Garnier's Pure range seems to be too harsh for my skin - and my skin's mega oily and acne prone!
    Have just bought Simple's Spotless cleanser and face lotion and really hope they work...

  8. I might check that out as I get alot of random red heat lump flare ups as a result of medication and the only thing i find make any difference to spots so far has been this :

    Its almost forever on offer too. carry it with me all the time

  9. My friend introduced me to this a couple of months back, she had a bunch of freebies from the Australian launch of Pure A. It works pretty well for me, I tend to use it over large areas, instead of certain spots.

  10. My skin used to be an absolute NIGHTMARE! I was constantly battling with whiteheads & spots. It wasn't full on acne either. I tried Pure A which seemed to have made my skin look much worse :S I had to visit my GP. He prescribed Duac, which was a GODSEND! it dried my skin out at first so I alternated it to every other night. Now touch wood, my skin is behaving very well indeed :) Now to get rid of this stubborn hyper-pigmentation... Pfft. there's always something! xx

  11. Ive brought this after reading the review, the one Ive got is in completely different packaging and is a roll on not a cream but is the exact same thing. Fingers crossed it works Im sick of blemishes and white heads now.. Im to old for them.


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