Steal of the Week & A Thank You!

This is somewhat of a double edged Steal of the Week as I got such a good discount on the perfume above due to it sadly being discontinued. 

Space NK do a range of there own branded fragrances - which are absolutely lovely, but so overlooked (and over priced) which is most likely why they are being discontinued. 
I normally purchase a tiny 15ml bottle of Tuberoli perfume for £18 - pricey hey!

However I managed to purchase the 50ml size of Tuberoli for £8.75. Which originally should of cost £40!

Quite afew other Space NK fragrances are on sale - 

The only downside is that the p&p is £5.00 for standard delivery - which I find stupidly expensive! But still worth it considering the original price of Tuberoli. 

I also wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely Annabella from who recently emailed me to say she noticed I'd mentioned loving the Yes To Tomatoes face mask and that she didn't really get on with the range so I may as well have them. 

So generous of her - she even included two lovely Bath & Body Works products in with the Yes to Tomatoes goodies!

I'm so sad but I've actually been wanting to try the Bath & Body Works hand gel for ages now! But not living in the U.S meant I haven't been able to try the brand (Annabella actually lives in the UK but is from the USA so is always tempted me with American products on her blog - especially the amazing Sarah Happ line). 
So the hand gel will definitely be going straight in my handbag!

It really is lovely when people show this type of generosity and actually don't want anything in return - it is a very rare quality these days! 

So thank you so much Annabella! xo.

Of course make sure to have a look at as it's a great read and deserves alot more readers!



  1. Bath and body works products are amazing! On holiday I went into a store. Think of any scent and they had it. Not only the body lotion but the hand cream, the bubble bath, the body wash, the perfume etc in that scent. It was heaven. Every christmas I ask from my aunt in america to send me some but she always seems to forget. I wonder does anyone know of where to get it in the UK?

  2. There's plenty of bath and body works products on ebay.

    Great post, good to know there are still giving people out there, Ive nipped over to SkinScrubs and checked it out.. now on my favs page to visit again. :)

  3. I love BBW - such yummy products.
    And that Yes To Tomatoes face mask is really good - do write a review about it once you've used it :)


  4. I need some Sara Happ lip scrub and lip slip! I love Yes To Carrots, never tried the Tomato stuff. That was so lovely of her and now I have a new blog to read! Excellent. :D

    Sarah x

  5. I wonder if they have the sale in-store too? I will have to go and have a look! x x

  6. Aww Fee thanks! I'm glad you like the B&BW stuff - btw anyone looking for Sara Happ stuff can get it from it's an Irish site that ship to the UK. I've never used it but they stock all the goodies!


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