Recently Banned Beauty Ads!

I may just be mean at heart but I love to see misleading or inappropriate adverts banned! 

In the past few years a number or ad's have been banned - Clean & Clear's Acne Control Kit TV ad was banned for applying powder down the centre of the face and T zone in the after result clips. The Olay Definity eye illuminator magazine ad featuring Twiggy was also banned on the grounds that the re-touching around eye area and wording of the ad were likely to mislead readers.

Rimmel (Coty) also seems to be a regular offender with the Magnif' Eyes Mascara with Kate Moss being banned a few years ago and now...


... the whole range of magazine and TV ads for the Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Mascara

The ASA banned the adverts deeming them misleading due to using different length lash inserts and was likely to distort the effect achievable by the product alone. 

They also noted that the disclaimer (that all mascara ad's now need to carry) to be insufficiently clear due to being small print and printed vertically to the side of the ad.


Another very recent TV ad to be totally banned in the UK is the YSL Belle D'Opium perfume ad - featuring a woman dancing to the beat of a drum. The woman is clearly shown running a finger down the inside of her forearm. She is then shown rolling around on the floor like a crazy (drugged up) woman!
The ASA banned the ad as the action of Belle running her finger down her arm could be seen to  simulate the injection of opiates into the body. 

I have to totally agree with this - before the ad was banned due to the stimulated drug use, I personally thought that was what YSL wanted to project in the movement of the dance and the different suggestions. 

I love you YSL but... you got found out!

Not to be shown before a certain time!

Now the Beyonce Heat perfume TV ad (again by Coty) wasn't found to be offence however the sexually provocative nature of the ad was found to be unsuitable for children and was banned from being shown before 7:30om. 

Again I totally agree with the ruling - the advert isn't suitable to be placed between nappy ad's and low-fat yoghurt's. Also the nature of the ad would surely appeal to more people later at night. 

I hope this has been a bit of an interesting insight!


  1. Very interesting thanks babez ! :)
    Always <3 your posts :)
    izzy x

  2. The YSL advert was abit weird but I liked it! Except for the finger up the arm thing, that was a little inappropriate, but they got their slogan and message across x

  3. I totally agree with the banning of the Beyonce add! I think it was ridiculous to show that when children could see it! It annoyed me when i first saw it hahaha!!

    The YSL add never really made me think about drugs, i'm not sure why given the name of the perfume, but now watching it again it's really obvious!!

    Great Post! xxx

  4. Love getting an insight into the industry!

  5. Nothing wrong with the YSL advert, and definitely even less with the beyonce advert. mind you, coming from a nation who is absolutely petrified of swearing on tv or radio this doesn't surprise me... pff.

  6. mascara adverts piss me off unbelievably. i'm forever scrobbling about trying to find the little print that says "styled with lash inserts" and i instantly want to slap whoever allows it! they're not even lash inserts, they're photoshop brushes. grrr, what happened to NORMAL people and NORMAL lashes/makeup. i hate the human race sometimes! it's as if we're not allowed to be born and grow up the way we are.

    i didn't notice the finger/arm when i watched the YSL video, but then i read the little comment you made me re-watch it. i wouldn't have thought it was that bad, until right at the end the lady says "i am your addiction" then it hit me. that's prettttttty bad! tut tut.

    love this post!

  7. Everytime I saw that YSL advert, I just thought, 'Why?!' it was awful. She looked like she was having some sort of epileptic fit while attempting to look sexy...which just doesn't work. Glad that one was banned!

  8. @Liloo - Don't you think anything that is showing/simulating drug use as a good thing is fairly wrong? Ofcourse doesn't help that the perfume is called Opium... but minus the suggestion of the girl being addicted to heroin I really like the advert! Just think it's unnecessary really.

    Fee x

  9. I definitely agree with these. Especially the Beyonce ad. I remember watching it thinking CHRIST! THIS IS RAUNCHY!

  10. I loves this post! Very interesting!

  11. as much as i love that ysl add, i 100% agree with you great post x

  12. RE: The Rimmel advert, just like so many adverts for mascaras, and also hair dye adverts where extensions are added. Well, it really winds me up. In this day and age, when beauty products are being ripped apart by us beauty bloggers, you'd think that the beauty companies would realise that consumers are no longer utterly stupid!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I would have so much more respect for a cosmetic line, if they were just completely open, and showed me what I product can REALLY do, instead of attempting to blind us with fancy language and inserts that make the product look better, alongside all the other tricks that we know they do (but they still think that we don't!)

    RE: The Opium advert, I just thought that was weird, but with a name like Opium, well you're gonna get people thinking showing drug use, it's inevitable with a perfume named after a type of drug!

    RE: Beyonce, to be fair, I have no real opinion. I've seen the ad, but because I'm not a fan of hers, I never pay attention LOL

  13. This is very interesting, considering I want to get into advertising!

  14. Wow never seen the Belle D'Opium ad before, thanks for posting. Totally agree - adverts should just be upfront no "digitally enhanced in post-production" nonsense! x x x

  15. Beyonce has changed so much - she's so raunchy now! I miss the old her :(

  16. "Hey Beyonce, we want you to bring out your own perfume!"
    "Wow! I'd love to."
    "Will I have to practically flash my breasts in the advert?"
    "YOU GOT IT!"
    "Aw man. Kelly Rowland never has this problem."

  17. It's brilliant that they do that especially with the printed ads. Hopefully this will show them that they cannot get away with everything.
    Brilliant compilation.

  18. Interesting! I agree that skincare and mascara ads can be annoyingly misleading.

  19. Really interesting post! Mascara ads always kill me with their obviously fake lashes.

  20. Great, this is the kind of material that I use with my Advanced English classes (although I'm not teaching them anymore for the moment)!
    I will put a link to this post on my facebook page, it is very interesting.

  21. be fair is the Beyonce one really too different to her music videos? Which are NOT banned. I dunno, it doesn't bother me. People shouldn't be so afraid of sexuality. Ans I like the YSL one but yeah the drug references we too obvious. Edit though and wahey! Nice ad.

  22. Personally I find it to be a shame that the YSL ad got banned.. it was beautifully shot and choreographed, extremely artistic!!!

    Yes, it is provocative, but I doubt anyone would actually go out and buy drugs based on this.. in that same sense, the name of the perfume should have been banned too ages ago!!!

    Now, as far as misleading ads go, ban them, and pull them until they never see the light of day again I say! Lol!


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