Face Mask Friday!

 Still taking the natural route with face masks I wanted to show you possibly my most favourite mask ever with an impressive 99.6% natural ingredients! 

Yes To Tomatoes Total Treatment Facial Mask 50ml
For Oily/Combination Skin

The blurb on the back - This treatment mask is a total deep pore treatment that, refine, purifies and even moisturizes your skin, whilst keeping your complexion clean, clear and balanced. Filled with potent anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and bursting with powerful sebum absorbers.

Applying the mask...
The mask is quite an odd consistency - it is clay based but feels thicker than a clay mask but smooth and it meant to be applied quite thinly so you only need a small grape sized blob for the whole face. The mask does set within a minute or two and is only meant to be left on for 5 minutes, which makes it  ideal for putting on because a shower and washing off while you're in there. 

As for the scent - I really haven't got a clue what it is...maybe avocado..but definitely not tomatoes. Though it is quite subtle and natural smelling.

The Results...
The reason why I love the mask so much is that it really controls the oil on my face especially on down my T-zone and basically balances out my skin. The mask is perfect for use in the morning before applying makeup as it leaves the skin perfectly matte and actually glowing. 
I also find it controls the oiliness for quite afew days after use which is why I think it's so fab.

It also seems to help the appearance of any spots by making them appear less angry looking and definitely does tighten pores especially around the nose. 

Obviously the downside to it is the price - personally as I know the results I am very happy to re-purchase this time and time again. Though I did only decide to buy the full sized version after trying the mini sample size in a Yes To Tomatoes Mini set (£10 for 4 mini products), which I think it s a good idea before splashing £11 on the full tub. 

Personally this is the best mask I have used for combination skin. 



  1. I love it too - use it once a week and it's great. My skin's usually very oily but on days when I use this mask it's shine-free and feels really clean (and purified).


  2. Looks amazing, but did you get this in the UK? I find Yes to Tomatoes such a hard range to find!


  3. I have never come across this brand before but it sounds great xx

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