New Models Own Nail Polishes for Spring/Summer

Last week Models Own released the upcoming shades for there Spring/Summer 011 collection. Consisting of 7 new shades and I must say all quite on trend! 

The new collection consists of - 

Bloo Boo - Think a lovely creamy pastel blue (a lighter version of For Audrey by China Glaze in my opinion)!
Pink Fever - A dark pink with a light shimmer running through it. 
Nyla Nude - A gorgeous camel/tan coloured nude.
Orange Serbert - A bright, almost neon orange.
Black Swirl - Black with a lovely gun metal shimmer running thought it, making it a lot more wearable than just a solid black. 
Utopia - The hardest shade from the collection to describe...kind of a soft grey/lilac pastel. 
Concrete Mixer - A cold nude grey/greige shade.

Models Own Concrete Mixer 
(2 coats)

I was tempted to not show a swatch of this (even though it's my favourite from the collection) as I stupidly squared off my nails and really don't like how short they are. However once they grow I'm sure they will look a lot better and more square...I hope!

Anyway, back to the shade that is Concrete Mixer... it really does look rather sleek on the nails especially for a chic office look and applies beautifully. However the shade does lack a bit of substance especially if you have pale skin like me!

'Colour Punch'  

Which got me thinking about the helpful S/S fashion guide Arash Mazinani recently wrote on his style website. Were he highlighted the key trends to be looking at this spring/summer (actually taking the frustration and time out of looking at all the different designers shows and not having a clue what styles to buy into for the summer). 

One key trend that I definitely liked the look of and will be wearing this summer was 'Colour Punch'. Basically lots of clashing vibrant colours... but Arash also suggested a safer option of just a shot of colour with lots of nude/neutral shades. 

I instantly loved the idea but also thought how well it could translate onto the nails!

Which I think would work perfectly with any of the neutral shades from the S/S Models Own collection with the neon Orange Sherbet or any other bold shade you love as an accent colour. Simple and chic but bold enough to catch people's attention!

Here I've just used Models Own Concrete Mixer along with Nails Inc Beach on the ring finger.

I of course will do more swatches of Bloo Boo and Black Swirl if wanted by anyone - but if you just want to see all the stock images of the entire collection and a lovely swatch of Bloo Boo then pop over to  - who's nails I'm always jealous of!

So what do we all think of Concrete Mixer - the new must-have shade for spring?



  1. Concrete Mix is lovely! I've never tried Models Own nail polishes but that colour is so pretty I wanna try it :)

  2. love those new colours, they'd work great with the trend for marble nails at the moment xx

  3. Oh, I like the grey/beige with the one bright nail. I might have to borrow that idea.

  4. Colour punch oh my word. love it!

  5. Love the look of blooboo! Going to have to buy that when they come out! x

  6. I think these are a bit of a disappointment tbh, and I love Models Own polishes. There's nothing here that has really lit my fire, although suspect I will own Concrete Mix at some point as I love those putty colours. Btw I rather like the new nail shape on you. x

  7. I am kind of loving the shade. I think a lot of the spring colors out this year are very feminine which I am loving.


  8. I really really like these kind of shades like concrete mixer... I always wanted creams and cookies by ciaté but I still cannot buy it. I don't know if like this color punch trend, maybe I'd like it with a blue instead of the red.

  9. i like concrete mixer, especially with that shot of colour added!xo

  10. I will definitely be buying Concrete Mixer, it looks so wearable for work when you can't really get away with bold colour, but still want to be on trend.

    I love the idea of painting one nail and may just be *stealing* this from you!


  11. Lovely summery colours, they really suit you! x

  12. Concrete mixer all the way for me - stoney white colour is perfect, it may be my first ever Models Own polish (I know!!) Thanks Fee. Jan x

  13. Can definitely see that concrete mixer shade working in a minimalist outfit it's a perfect neutral and would also work really well for the office as you pointed out.

    I like how you took the colour punch idea and ran with it combining it with neutral shades and one finger in the bold. As well as accessorising with colour you can always just play your outfit safe and go for a really exciting colour punch for your full set of nails as well.

    Thanks for the mention :-)

    Twitter: @arashmazinani


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