Face Mask Friday!

I really wanted to see if you can achieve visible results even with the cheapest of face masks...so I popped in Superdrug whilst out shopping and found this! Superdrug's cheapest face mask at 89p a sachet. 

 Here is what the blurb had to say about the Exfoliating Superfruits Mask 10ml - 

This exfoliating superfruits mask with extracts of blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry deeply cleanses and purifies pore, while natural clay helps to absorb excess oil which can leas to breakouts. Strawberry seeds gently exfoliate the skin for a complexion so clear and bright you'll stand out from the crowd.

My first impressions of the mask weren't too good - the mask itself being a very unnatural shade of lilac and smelling quite strongly of a synthetic berry scent!

However I was quite impressed with the consistency of the mask, with the fine Sea Salt and the Fragaria Vesca Seeds (Strawberry seeds) making for quite a good exfoliation of the skin before leaving the mask to dry on the skin. 

Applying the mask...
The recommended time to the leave the mask is 5-10 minutes which I would say is about right, however the clay did set quite hard and did pull around the eye area (quite hard to not get it around the eye due to massaging the mask in, as advised on the back of the sachet) which wasn't the most relaxing of experiences.

Though the mask did apply well and cover the face quite easily. 

The mask after 5 minutes starting to dry around the sides

The Results...
After removing the mask I actually wasn't impressed with the immediate effects of the mask. My skin was red (from exfoliate with the mask before letting it set) and my blemishes actually more visible than before. The only noticeable difference was my skin did feel alot smoother from being really exfoliated. 
The redness did however die down after 30 minutes or so but my skin didn't look that amazing, through all oil had been removed around the T-zone area. 
I actually noticed better results the day after, with my skin being soft and free from any flaky skin around blemishes. Also alot less oily and shine free! 

Overall I could see this being great for really oily skin types, but not complex skin with different problems. One to skip if you suffer from redness!

I promise next week's Face Mask Friday won't be a sachet but a pot/tube and will not contain scary images of a woman covered in fruit! 



  1. Woman covered by fruit... scary! XD
    I used to make DIY masks on my own recipes: now I've discovered the liz earle cleansing mask and I love it... as for moisturizing masks they usually don't work on me :(

  2. I think this sounds quite good for my skin! I like clay masks to get all the sucky oil out! You did a great review sweets! I'll pop one in my basket next time I'm in Superdrug! xx

  3. I love face masks too. There is a greek brand called Apivita, a bit like Korres that makes great cheap natural masks !

  4. I actually really like these face masks. LUSH ones are lovely too, but for a quick pick-me-up, these are perfect.

    Great post!


  5. I couldn't help but laugh at the image on the sachet! Have you ever noticed that practically ALL cheap face masks have a ridiculous image on the front? Sounds like it would be good for me...but I think I'll skip it if really it just acts as an exfoliator.

  6. I've tried this and it really worked on my allergyprone dry/sensitive skin :D x

  7. Great post, great minds think alike :) Last week I started doing something similar called Friday Facial :) pop over and have a nosey if you like.

    Not sure I would like the smell of this either, some masques can be too over powering cant they? Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse Apricot&Mango Scrub masque? I defo recommend it x

  8. @Sherrie - Oh popping over to your blog straight away :) like the sound of the Apricot & Mango scrub mask....Montagne Jeunesse seem abit more natural than the rest of the cheaper ones!

    Fee x

  9. I haven't tried the superfruits mask but I do use the strawberry mask atleast twice a week. I really like the way it exfoliates. I use the same pack as it has way too much for my face anyway. Super cheap. Love face mask friday!

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