ASOS Models Own Nail Polish & Buffer Offer!

I thought I'd mention the Asos Exclusive Models Own Nail Polish & Buffer Set that is currently on sale at Asos Beauty as it really is amazing value for money (plus I'm sure it will be out of stock soon enough)!

 The two sets that are on sale are - 

Models Own Champagne Nail Polish & Buffer -
Was £5.00 now £3.50

Models Own Magenta Nail Polish & Buffer - 
Was £5.00 now £2.50

However on the Models Own website the 6-way Buffer is £5 and all nail polishes are £ the saving is really good!

To be honest I would buy the set just for the multi-buffer alone as it does wonders for the nails - really helps with removing ridges and peeling at the tips. I also find it creates a lot nicer base to apply any nail polish onto. 
As for the shine part of the buffer it really is the best I have used, literally makes the nails look glass like!
As for the two polishes...

Models Own Champagne -  This is a very wearable metallic shimmer polish with no other tones to it other than Champagne! Just really shiny and beautiful (2 coats and it's opaque). As for how long it lasts...if using a top coat and buffing the nails pre-polish this will last atleast 4 days and still look nice.

 Models Own Magenta Divine -  Definitely a really bold 'party' polish...this is a clear polish with lots of small Magenta glitter particles. I can't say this is the best opaque glitter I've seen as it does take 4 thin coats to really build it up to a solid looking nail colour. Though it is a great glitter for over other favourite combination being over Gosh Frou Frou or Barry M Flamingo Pink. 

1 coat swatches due to giving my nails abit of a rest! 

I was quite pleased with both shades but do love 'Champagne' just that bit more than 'Magenta Divine'. 

But like I mentioned above, the 6 way buffer is really worth it alone as it will last you such a long time and really does the job! 

A great offer that won't be in stock for much longer I'm thinking! 


  1. that champagne colour looks gorgeous!

  2. Buffing. Never sure about this, love how it makes my nails feel but am almost certain that in the long run it leads to more flaking and peeling but would love to know what the reality is. Champagne is lovely and would be great for some of your fab nail art, maybe with black tips for a glam twist on a french manicure!

  3. I have 2 Champagne for some reason. The Magenta is deffo calling to me.

  4. Oh that magenta polish is beautfiul. I bought the gold Models Own polish yesterday but didn't see this one!

    It's now on it's way to me, thanks for sharing!

    Mozzypop x

  5. This is a really great offer!

  6. As soon as I saw your blogpost I went and checked out the polishes straight away. And now the Champagne one is on its way to me :)
    Thank you!


  7. You a bad influence on me, I always see things you review and want to buy them! :) Yet again, lovely post and I think I might buy the champagne one.


  8. I bought this the other day as I thought it was a bargain

  9. What a great saving, thanks for the heads up Fee. The buffer looks great, good and narrow. I am off to check out. Jan x

  10. I keep looking at this on the website, think i'm going to go for it now!x

  11. I picked thes up for something I have planned soon :) just waiting for them!! hurry up please! x

  12. Champagne looks absolutely gorguz! Am loving these metallic shimmery shades from Models Own, Frou Frou as well, so pretty!

    Aysh xoxo

  13. I have both the buffer & Magenta Divine. I use the buffer everytime I do my nails , I even had to buy another its that good. I used Magenta divine recently and it is such a lovely colour & I hate glitter polishes.

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