What to buy for the nail obsessed this Christmas...

There are definitely alot of nail lovers out there and my guess is you know atleast one person that likes to dabble in abit of nail art or Barry M! 

So I thought I'd come up with a simple gift guide for all budgets from cheap to luxe and all you have to do is click BUY! if you see something you like (don't fear I'm not on commission for this!) that will whizz you directly to the product.

There are some really lovely nail sets out there this Christmas so enjoy!...

1. Barry M Asos Exclusive Nail Polish Duo £4.00 -  BUY! 
This nail duo in Mushroom and Rich Grey is a must even if it's just as a stocking filler or Secret Santa. Two definitely on trend, wintery shades that will suit anyones finger nails. Plus you save £2 by not purchasing these individually! Ofcourse free shipping at ASOS too.
2. Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover £3.90 - BUY!  
Okay your maybe thinking nail polish remover isn't the best Christmas gift ever! However this is just a cute gift at such a small price from quite a luxury nail brand. Teaming this with afew other nail products would make a lovely gift for under someone Christmas tree this year!

3. Models Own ASOS Exclusive Nail Polish & Buffer £5.00 - BUY!  
With Models Own nail polishes costing £5 normally your basically getting the 6 sided buffer for free! There's a choice of two shades - 'Champagne' which is a shimmer polish or 'Magenta' a glitter nail polish, both ideal shades for the festive season! An ideal sparkly gift for anyone - young or old. 


1. Models Own Nail Art Pen £6 - BUY! 
A totally brand new product out only last month, which comes in either black or white. With two nibs this is perfect for intricate nail art or just creating strips or french tips and getting creative. I'm sure this will be a hit for any teenager (ok, adult!) that likes to paint there nails! 
A fab gift with great packaging.  

2. Ciate Love Me Cuticle Oil £7.75 - BUY!   
With the scent to this being cranberry and the cute packaging this makes an ideal for someone that likes luxury treatments and products. This comes with a handy nail polish type brush to paint the oil onto the cuticles, so no faffy pipette to drip onto the carpet. One of my personal favourite nail treatments that sits on my bedside table.
3. Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps £6.50 - BUY! 
These are basically Minx nails just cheaper and alot easier to apply! The range of shades on ASOS is really wide but my favourites have to be the Gold Lace - perfect for Christmas parties and the like. A great alternative to nail polish and alot more fun.
I'm sure most people would love to try these out nail polish lover or not!


1. O.P.I Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Lacquers £12.15 - BUY! 
 If you have never seen this little polishes in the flesh then you are in for a treat. A perfect way for someone to test out OPI are a brand or to try out various shades without spending £10 per bottle! Tiny bottles they may be however I have yet to finish a bottle from any mini OPI sets. Just a lovely treat for anyone that likes anything that bit glam and sparkly!

2. Marian Newman Inkredible Pen Kit £12.50 - BUY! 
The Inkredible pen sets always amaze me! These are actually water based nail polishes (that come in a touche eclat type pen format) that you seal with the second clear nail polish pen. Which makes these PERFECT for anyone that can't apply nail polish well. Comes in a little kit with a clean up wipe to sweep over the ends of the fingers to remove any nail polish mistakes with a choice of 3 lovely shades. Also these use to be £21.50 so a total bargain. Also as the pens are water based these can also be used as eyeshadow or liners -  really amazing!
As this is maybe not a self explanatory product you may want to click here to read my review on them! 
3. O.P.I Limited Edition Swiss Collection Mini Pack £12.15 - BUY! 
Another lovely mini set from OPI but this time containing 3 lovely polishes and a handy RapiDry Top Coat that dries any nail polish in seconds! Also with the Swiss theme this is perfect as a Christmas present all wrapped up in icy white paper. 'Yodel Me on My Cell' is also a must have shade!

1. Models Own Nail Polish Box Sets £20 - BUY! 
These lovely full sized nail polish box sets come in a range of themes to suit anyone - the above image being the Autumn/Winter Collection but there's pastels, glitters, champagne shades - you name it! Not only do you save £10 by buying these all together but if you have never ordered from Models own before you also get a FREE black kohl eyeliner with your order! 

2. Rococo Gold Leaf Nail Polish £22.50 - BUY! 
Totally indulgence for anyone that likes abit of luxe in there life. The bottle actually contains pure 24 carat gold leaf that can be applied over any nail polish as the most indulgent top coat around. This truly deserves to be presented in a chic black box with it's own cushion, it's THAT good! I'm sure any nail lover to receive this come Christmas morning will be one happy 'golden' bunny.
3. Nars Holiday 2010 Mini Nail Set £22 - BUY! 
This contains a good range of shades to try out and basically enjoy! Whether the recipient is new to Nars nail polishes or a  great lover of them, this will make a truly fab gift. Perfect for someone maybe more sophisticated or older. 
Definitely a gift that will be loved and used. 

I really hope this have given you all a better idea of what is out there nail product wise. As there is so much on the market it can be somewhat overwhelming at times! 

  Also make sure to let me know which nail products your wanting this Christmas. 

Fee xx



  1. Oh how I wish I hadnt seen the gold leaf polish. *Hides her purse and card*


  2. Great post they are good gift choices, my niece would love the first models own set

  3. I love all the mini sets they are so cute xx

  4. What a fab gift guide :-) I like the gold leaf!

  5. I almost nearly bought the barry M one for myself but decided against it, hopefully someone will by it for me :)

  6. Would have been seriously tempted by the Nars set if the colours had had a bit more wow factor! Love the idea of the 2 Barry M's for secret santa too.

  7. Ooooh love the Nars set *goes off to buy*

  8. Great post, I'm definitely tempted by the Nars set. For anyone who likes Nails Inc, try TK Maxx - I saw a set today reduced from over £100 to £30.

  9. All amazing. But I have that gold leaf topcoat, and it's THE most amazing thing on the planet!

  10. Great post!

    I had a really awful experience with the Marian Newman nail pens though.. My nails are still stained orange months and months later!


  11. The OPI mini sets look great!
    Brilliant post :)

  12. great post <3

  13. I really want to try the nail wraps! I'm going to add that to my xmas list :P
    Great post btw! Very useful!

  14. That first Models Own set is now only £4 on Asos - bargain!


  15. @heartshapedbruise - It keeps being reduced doesn't it! It's now only £3.50...madness..but good.


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