Savvy Awards 2010 - Makeup

As we are reaching the end of the year I thought it would be a good time to announce the winners of the Savvy awards... now in my head these as prestigious clear cut prisms of crystal, etched with the winning product names. 

But sadly these are nothing more than my absolute favourites of 2010, however I still hope you enjoy the read! 

Best Mascara

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara, £12.00

I think most of us want lengthened, defined, clump-free lashes and this is what you get with No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. You can really get into the roots and them tiny little lashes with the end bristles and comb through with the other side of the wand to remove any clumps (which means you can apply multiple coats!). 
If you still don't believe me, make sure you read the 60 five star comments on the Boots website!

Runner Up - 17 Wild Curls Mascara, £6.29

For the price this is definitely one of the most affordable yet great mascaras out there. Again this doesn't clump or look thick and heavy, but creates quite a feline curled look to the lashes. A must if you are sick of paying £10 + for mascara. 

 Best Concealer 

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick, £8.00

I've purchased around 8 different concealers this year yet I always come back to this and use it daily. This really does give perfect coverage while being light and also oil absorbing. Covers under eye circles, spots and redness. I also find this lasts all day!

Best Makeup Brushes 

Eco Tools, from £4.99 (6 piece brush set - £14.99)

My first ever review on Makeup Savvy was on these very brushes - I loved them back then and still do! These are made out of 100% Taklon bristles with bamboo handles and are the softest of brushes that just don't shed. My favourite has to be the angled liner brush which I use for my eyebrows and lining my upper lashline or smudging out eyeliner. 
Great value for money and amazing quality!  

Best Eye Shadow

17 Solo Eye Shadow, £3.89 

These by far have to be the best affordable eyeshadows that are always available on the highstreet. The metallics in the range are fab, such a huge choice....perfect for foiling or using wet and really blendable! 
Just fantastic value for money and so pigmented. 


 Runner Up - Sleek Eyeshadow Palette, £5.99

I think these would of definitely 'won' Best Eyeshadow if there weren't sold out so much in Superdrug and online. That aside, all 8 (or is it 7?) palettes are amazing - with a mix of matte and shimmery shades they could be all the eyeshadows you need. These blend perfectly and are incredibly pigmented.

Best Bronzer 

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder, £6.99

I must admit I haven't had this all that long however this became my favourite bronzer instantly! One of the only non - shimmery 'disco ball' bronzer out on the highstreet...this really does just lightly bronzer the skin without leaving any glitter or shimmer - which to me makes a true bronzer. Also the packaging with the magnetic close is lovely and the hint of chocolate scent to the powder is a nice touch. 
All in all a real winner of a product!  

   Best Foundation

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation, £12.99 

I think maybe foundation is the hardest thing to review as everyone seems to like something different. But if you want something that is light, glowy and flattering then you need Second Skin in your life! 
This is one of the only low cost foundation I've tried that doesn't look cakey or orange. 
The only down side is the limited colour range with only 5 shades, but the lightest shade 'Creamy Ivory' is personally a really good match to my own skin.  

Best Blusher 

Topshop Cream Blush, £6.00 

This was definitely a needed 'drugstore' product for 2010 which really stood out to me. These come in really lovely shades and the cream to powder formulation is just perfect. Favourites in the range have to be Neon Rose for a flush of colour and Butterscotch as a nice highlight. 
The whole of the Topshop range is worth a look though!  

Best Lipgloss

Barry M Lip Gloss Wands, £4.49 

Not too sticky or gloopy, perfectly scented and just lovely shades. These are definitely the best lipglosses of 2010 (with Revlon coming 2nd) just so glossy and just great. Strawberry Milkshake and Toffee are musts. 

Best Nail Polish Range 

Barry M Nail Paint, £2.99 each

So many shades to pick from and always so on trend and not to mention there great quality, you really cannot go wrong with this range.
Favourite shades so far have to be Mushroom, Dusky Mauve, Raspberry, Grey, Pink Flamingo....ok just all of them! 


Runner Up - George at Asda Nail Polish, £1.49 each

Again this would of 'won' if it was easily available or atleast sold online, but these are only sold in Asda stores! 
But for a supermarket brand these are amazing - the quality and range of shades is just fantastic (they even do matt finish polishes now)! 
Totally fantastic and worth £1.49 of any one's money. 

Watch out for part two of the SW's (that's the Savvy Awards, of course) with the best of the rest in skincare and favourite brands! 



  1. I always end up going back to my No7 mascaras, even over NARS/Chanel etc...have been meaning to try Exceptional Definition but not gotten around to it yet so will definitely bump it up the 'to buy' list now! :)

  2. Great post, I agree with what you've said about George nail polishes being hard to get hold of, I'm still get to find them in an Asda store. Grr.

  3. This is a mirror image of my awards if I were to do them too. I love the 17 mascara, sleek palettes, barry m nail polishes and lip glosses. Definitely going to be trying out that No7 mascara with the 60 5*reviews. I could have been missing out from the best mascara in the world by not trying that :-) xxx

  4. A few of these posts have popped up but yours has been the best yet, really helpful and i've popped a few products on my wishlist :)


  5. Ooo I agree with so much on here! The No7 mascara sounds amazing, I may have to buy it when they bring back the £5 vouchers (too much of a miser to pay the full price, just call me Scrooge!)and I'll be picking up a Topshop blusher as well. I really loved the No7 concealer too, but didn't repurchase because I'm obsessed with trying every concealer on the market. It is one of the best I've used, though, so totally agree with that! Also agree with the 17 eyeshadows, my favourite shadow is from their range and it's just as good as more expensive brands (Urban Decay, I'm looking at you!)and Barry M nail paints (uhhhmazing, I have one which is the exact shade of a Cadburys wrapper...)
    Overall an excellent and very helpful post!

  6. I agree with fudgesmoothiesmakeup. I like this list because everything is really affordable, and let's face it, we don't all have a lot of money after the holidays!
    Totally going to try the Boots mascaras, thanks for the tip!

  7. I have been looking for a nice matte bronzer for a while now and the Bourjois looks gorgeous, thank you!

  8. Agree with you on most of these! I've never tried 17 wild curls mascara but for near 6 quid cheaper than the boots I think i'll try it out! Thanks!!

    Love J.

  9. love this! although i found the bourjois bronzer really glittery, maybe it was my brush! haha :) xxx

  10. Lol great minds think alike! You've picked some fab products. I'm always intruiged by that Bourjois bronzer even though I never EVER wear bronzer x

  11. Barry M nail polish all the way, but I don't really like their lipglosses...

  12. Great post! I love Ecotools brushes :) xx

  13. Fee I love your posts this one is another great one, I like so many of the same products as you that I really feel confident trying out other products you have recommended thanks for all the great advice and recommendations you little star x

  14. i'm with you on the ecotools brushes. they are so unbelievably soft! the angled brush is so versatile, too :)

  15. The No7 Concealer is one of my favourites too; I can't decide if I like the Benefit It Stick or the No7 better though! xx

  16. Great faves, I'm totally with you there on the sleek palettes and eco tools brushes :D

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!! :D

  17. You have some of my high street favourites in there, especially the Ecotools brushes and 17 eyeshadows.

    I managed to go the whole year without trying any of the Topshop makeup. Might have to rectify that next year!


  18. I absolutely love Eco Tools! I actually just purchased the travel eye kit because I knew they were a good, affordable buy. MAC travel brushes don't seem to be as good of a quality as their full-size brushes but the Eco Tools ones are amazing! Great post!


  19. Great post, thanks for sharing. I loved the Max Factor Second Skin Foundation and nearly chose that as my favourite. I love trying new concealers and love No 7 products, I will have to try this one. Very helpful, thankyou :) xxx

  20. Awesome post... You are so right about the MAX factor second skin foundation, I use the 080 I love and its just perfect =)

  21. I love that you set it up as awards. I haven't tried any of these products which is exciting because it means I need to get some more makeup. I love the look of that top shop blush.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

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