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I still haven't sussed out how Charlotte manages to post so many lovely & interesting posts on
whilst tweeting, looking after her cute little toddler AND fixing computers! 
This lady is a genius and was also kind enough to indulge in my love of Christmas and answer afew questions.

 How will you be spending Christmas?
 Preferably off my face on a potent mix of Baileys and Schnapps... though not at the same time, that’s just disgusting.

What do you want for Christmas this year?
 Oh... gosh, everything I see at the minute.  I’d really like a very posh lipstick, one of those ones that you can’t buy yourself without gut-wrenching guilt.  Chanel’s Christmas stuff is lighting me up... the Ombre D’eau in Splash and the palette are calling to me.  Loudly.  Non makeup stuff... I’m hankering after a macro lens.

What is your best festive memory?
 I grew up in a huge 9 bedroomed town house in Portsmouth, we weren’t posh – it was slowly falling apart but it provided proper Victorian-esque Christmases: open fires, grandiose staircases with proper brass stair rods and banisters to wrap with holly.  We weren’t a huge family... but my Mother would take in all our friends like stray cats and the place was forever filled with commotion, laughter and arguments over what to watch on telly.

It’s since been converted into flats and I had a sneaky visit a few years back when one of the flats was put up for sale.  20 years later it’s still my dream to buy it all back and convert it into a huge family home again.

Who would you love to have as a Christmas-lunch guest(s)?
 Joe Strummer, Jamie Oliver (for the cooking), Ian Brown, My Nan (when she was my age), Nick Brandt, Bill Murray, Dame Diana Rigg, Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade won’t do), Janis Joplin and Mr. L (for the washing up).

I’m gonna need a bigger table.

What is your favourite gifts to give...And to receive?
Ones that are appreciated!

Any favourite Christmas movies?
Christmas isn’t Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Frog Song and Gremlins.  I fervently avoid A Christmas Carol (and any Scrooge-related adaptations).  Bah Humbug.

Where do you go last-minute gift shopping?
 If it’s too late for Amazon next day delivery then there’s only one place for it.  Asda.

Your favourite part of the festive season.
The bit between opening pressies and eating Christmas Dinner.  Everyone is still full of enthusiasm for the day and it’s the only time in the year you’re actually encouraged to drink alcohol before lunchtime.

And how will you relax when it's all over?
 We usually go walking/geocaching in the New Forest for some quiet time after the rush is over.


  1. Me 2. Charlotte is amazeballs x

  2. you're both amazing bloggers and I could never think about a better association :)

  3. Geocaching? Gorgeous eyes. And I'll fight you for Moss!

  4. Love, love, love Charlotte. A superwoman for sure!


  5. i love charlotte & her blog! great interview, fee :)

  6. That was really interesting, Charlotte's childhood home sounds absolutely amazing!
    MB x

  7. Absolutely great bloggers, I have to agree with Olivia =)

  8. A great read, I love all of you Pom bloggers, seriously I nearly pee'd my pants this morning when I saw that Charlotte is following my blog *eeep* :D

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