NOTD - Models Own Green Tea

I recently bought three Models Own nail polishes in the ASOS sale (see I do love them really) - I'm not to to say how cheap they were as they are all out of stock now, and I don't want to make you all jealous! But lets just say they were cheap! 

I decided to buy shades that I wouldn't normally consider wearing, to just give them a chance and in hope that I would be converted. 
So my first choice was Green Tea - now I have zero greens in my nail polish collection as who really wears green nails except for maybe on Halloween. But I liked the name ha, so I bought it. 

Now I was thinking I could maybe pull off green nails, but green and matte...not a chance! 
I really didn't realise until it dried that it was a creme finish nail polish and for me with this colour it just doesn't work. 

Personally it's on a par with say yellow matte nails or a royal blue , it just looks about odd and wrong. 
Also I found applying the second coat abit tricky, it was almost drying as I applied it and made the finish abit patchy. 
Having said all that I wasn't to bothered by the finish as I knew a top coat would solve the problem. 

As you can see my nails do match the shade in the bottle now and don't look that odd and plastic like. 
But I am still not sure if this is the shade for me. 
I was however looking at all the other shades that Models Own do and really want to try - Purple Grey, Nude Beige, Grey Day and Magenta Pearl. 

What is your favourite shade by Models Own? 


  1. I picked up purple grey & grey day in the ASOS sale :)
    I have nude beige too and it's really nice, although a bit too pale for me.
    I seen green tea in the sale but it looked similar to their polish I bought a while ago, jade stone.

    What other colours did you pick up in the sale?

  2. Purple Grey and In The Navy are absolutely gorgeous shades.

    I'm doing a giveaway for a £25 homeware gift voucher. If anyone is interested click here.

  3. I really like this colour on you, have got it myself but not sure whether to brave it on my nails or keep it to the toes.


  4. At least you have a polish to wear on Halloween ;)

  5. This is so similar to ditch the heels from ciate! so nice

  6. I have all four of the shades you're thinking about trying out - I adore them! Nude Beige is the perfect every day nail colour. I've only got one of MO's matte polishes - the black one. It's alright but like you, I had issues with the second coat.

    Chrissy xx

  7. this is beautiful. My favourite one is Jade Stone and I want to try Purple Grey out next

    xoxo stay fabulous

  8. love this! reminds me of elphaba from wicked :)

  9. I also picked up some things in the Asos sale - so know how cheap you are talking.. So cheap in fact, that I managed to buy 13 nail varnishes.. Yes, 13.
    Plus 3 necklaces & some other makeup bits. Oh & 2 dresses. Ahem. Anyway..
    I think this is one of the shades that's winging its way to me - definitely prefer it with a topcoat :) I've not tried any Model's Own nail varnish before, so I'm looking forward to getting my new ones!

  10. I am awaiting my local big Boots to hurry up and stock so that I can go and have a good look - I like this green though, nice and bright. Jan x

  11. WOW what an amazing punch of color! Love it!

  12. I kind of liked the matte look! But I love green polish, in fact of have Ciate Ditch The Heels on now!

  13. Really fun colour!

    Green nails aren't just for Halloween, I like them year round - especially British Racing Green by Butter London. It's quite a dark, not too in your face shade.

  14. I really like this colour and I think it looks fine on you. It's certainly different, but thats all the fun in experimenting x

  15. Such a gorgeous colour!! i wanna get this now! x

  16. What a great article on a topic that's so near and dear to our hearts. Thanks for sharing the closet-love!


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