The Key to De-Stressing - Retail Therapy

I can't say I've had luck of my side for the past two weeks - I've been ill, I still haven't moved house, and only afew days ago a filling fell out (this has never happened, ever) while eating a bagel of all things! Oh, and I have a sore blocked pore in my eyebrow just to top it off.

 My filling falling out was the last straw and to be honest I had to hold back the tears! But I think this was down to being stressed and not actually anything to do with the hefty dentist bill I was going to have to pay. 
 So I decided I need to relax, de-stress and treat myself abit.

Since I've been abit stressed reading has gone out the window and it is a really nice relaxing thing to do. So instead of ordering a book off Amazon and having to wait for it to come, I decided to go to a charity shop and see what they had. I can't say I buy anything other than books from charity shops and frankly it isn't really my taste, but I do dislike people that think charity shops are embarrassing! There were so many popular books that are in the charts, but I remembered reading a good review on The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

Also picked up afew magazine - I do prefer reading blogs these days but there is just something about reading a magazine like Red or Marie Claire, more of a variety of topics I guess. 
I also picked up afew things for my Italian friend, Fiamma - so I am hoping she won't be reading this! I got her the Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Coral Reef and also two 2true products as I know you can't get these in Italy. 

I also made sure to stock up on some SLS free shampoo as I have been without it for 2 weeks now and the amount of hair I lose in the shower is scary! So I went to Boots and made use of there current 3 for 2 haircare promotion getting two Naked shampoos and also a conditioner as I have never tried any of there normal conditioners before. 

And ofcourse I did abit of online shopping in the Asos sale, I picked up 2 Models Own nail polishes - Green Tea and 25 Carat Gold and also a Asos Ciate nail paint in Olivia.  

I think I was very restrained really, however I'm sure next month will be another story with moving house and buying a nice new Canon Ixus camera!

Does shopping help with your life stresses?




  1. Oh I love Jodi Picoult books, she is amazing, I've had my sisters keeper and picture perfect next to my bed for ages and still haven't got round to reading them. Ouch about your tooth! Hope you start to feel a but better hun. Much love xx

  2. Of course I didn't read that!
    no worries ahah :D
    shopping actually doesn't help my stress to decrease bue it makes it grow if I'm alone because I feel always guilty after it. usually being with my friends and studying help me after stress, strange isn't it?

  3. I really love your blog and the way you write!
    I love shopping for de-stressing!
    Take care of you! :)

  4. @Gem: I love Jodi Picoult books too - but that isn't one of them! That book's by Kim Edwards, just so you know :)

    I keep seeing people's posts about their asos sales bargains, but mine hasn't arrived yet! I ordered far too much nail varnish, including at least 2 of the same as you up there..

    Let us know what you think of the book - I've read it. It was a really long time ago but I'm pretty sure I really enjoyed it, but lent it to my Mum who couldn't get into it at all.. So I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.

    Hope you're feeling a bit less stressed very soon :)

  5. I absolutely love that book. I hope your luck picks up soon! :)

  6. Sorry about your stressful week! Reading a good book is surely one good way to relax.:D

    And yes, shopping helps a lot!;D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. I despise that book more than anything. I am reading it now and am about a chapter from the end. I had to force myself to read it.


  8. @Gem - I guess I should of photograhed the top of the book with the authors name on it! But I do really like Jodi Picoult books - Picture Perfect is a really great read and thanks! :) x

    @Olivia - Really glad you didn't see what I had got you! :) haha
    Oh I never feel guilty about shopping unless I over do it when I shouldn't be spending. But spending time with friends & having a good time always helps.
    Also hope you are ok lady! xx

    @Shopperita - Awww thank you, It's nice to know you like my blog :)

    @Heartshapedbruise - I actually bought afew other things in the ASOS sale for my sisters birthday so decided to pay for delivery so it came really quickly. But the super saver delivery does take awhile, least it's free though! As for the book, the reviews are all really good on the Amazon website, however there are afew bad review of it. I'm so far liking it.

    @Laura - Oh good, I'm glad I picked it up now after reading so many good reviews on it. I'm really getting into already also thanks, I'm sure my luck had to pick up soon! :)

    @Marie - Yes, been trying to make time to sit down with some lemon tea and my book and just clear my mind of everything! I think it's helping.
    Also hope you have a lovely weekend too :)

    @Georgia - Really! What are you despising about it - is it the way it's wrote or the storyline? Do tell! x

  9. I ordered a few of the Ciate nail polishes from the Asos sale aswell Illamasquas Bronzing duo :) I couldn't believe the polishes were £1 each!

    I will have to try a free SLS shampoo,I am currently using Liz Earle and so far so good. I too also malt like theres no tomorrow! I think you could make a wig with my hair, I think its partly because I had a baby 4 months ago and they say you often get fall out for 6 months afterwards :( xx


    there's no therapy like retail therapy, as i like to say.

    in fact, the need to buy something is so strong that i'll buy stuff for others if i don't like anything :p.

  11. Shopping definately helps relive my stresses hehe! Do you find using that sort of shampoo helps your hair not to fall out so much? Because ive been noticing a few hairs falling out and i was wondering if it could be my shampoo? xx

  12. I've ordered a few new polishes from ASOS but they're taking a while to arrive :)
    I failed my driving test this week and did far too much online shopping to cheer myself up!

  13. Thumbs up to the title of this post... Retail therapy is my only therapy!!


  14. I love retail therapy. Whenever I had a bad day at work I used to go into the drugstore and just swatch all of the makeup. It would relax me.

  15. Right with you on the house move stress thing, anyone normal would be as thin as a rake with the agro we have had for the last 2 weeks! I also read, voraciously normally and at the moment hardly have head space for it which I am hating. The Memory Keepers Daughter is wonderful I am sure you will love it. I also blog about what I am reading (Deb's reading list) if you are ever looking for ideas. Retail therapy helps no end, the bigger the price tag the greater the relief I find!

  16. Hi there, Just came across your blog! Glad you have been looking after yourself after your stressful time! I adore reading, I mainly use the library but I will pop in to a few charity shops now too to see if they have anything good! What is this about the SLS free shampoo? I lose immense amounts of hair in the shower, is this meant to stop it???

  17. I think we share a deep love of Boots and No.7 things! Love your blog!

  18. I love retail therapy! so..Yes, shopping very much helps me with all the stress I get from life. . hahaha! :D


  19. @Sherrie - Heard lots of good things about the new Liz Earle haircasre range, but so far not tried it as I always stick to the Naked range as I know I can always get it from Boots.

    My hair is shocking for falling out if I use normal shampoo...but SLS free really does help soo much. But like you say it may be down to havign a baby for you! x

    @Dani - This is what I ended up doing! There wasn't much I wanted to I ended up buying for other people!

    @Hannahhx - I've been using Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free shampoo for around 8 months now...and recently totally ran out so when back to a normal shampoo and my hair instantly started to clog up the plughole in the shower and was so knotty!
    Would highly suggest switching, but the only range on the highstreet is Naked Bodycare...or Louise Galvin which you can find at Tesco.

    @Caz - Aww sorry to hear about failing your driving test, but I'm sure all the online shopping will cheer you up when it arrives.

    @R - Retail Therapy always works doesn't it! :)

    @FunnyFaceBeauty - I have to agree, swatching all the different makeup is actually therapeutic.

    @Debbie - Sorry to hear you are also having abit of a nightmare with moving too, it really can be so stressful can't it. Also thanks for mentioning your reading list - will be checking it out once I have finished The Memory Keepers Daughter.


  20. @Nic's Notebook - I would go to the library but I always forgot to take them back and get fined! So I stick to having a look in a charity shop now and again!
    As for SLS free shampoo - basically Sodium Lauryl (or Laureth)Sulfate is in 99% of all shampoo's, normally the 2nd ingredient after Aqua. It's what creates the foam in the shampoo but it's actually rubbish for the hair & scalp . So switching to one that's free of SLS will help with frizz, dry ends and also will stop your hair from falling out! So many people see a huge difference once they start using SLS free shampoo, seriously works wonders.

    @SweetLikeJelly - Not alot of people really like No7 products - but I really do like the brand and ofcourse love shopping in Boots :)

    @Mia - haha shopping is pretty great isn't it! :)

    Fee x


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