NOTD - Overexposed in South Beach OPI

Today's NOTD is from the OPI South Beach Collection which if I am right in thinking came out S/S 09 and to be honest I am in two minds about it. 
It is definitely not a summery colour.. and I am not sure about the Violet shimmer to it. 
However it would be a perfect nail polish for Autumn, when the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and it's getting that bit colder.  

It is also a really good quality nail polish that goes on really well and doesn't chip easily! But for now it's going into storage I think. 

However I was having a look at the OPI South Beach Collection and I definitely have my eye on 'On Collins Ave' which is a really rich bright coral orange. Perfect for summer! 



  1. I agree with you on your statement that this is more an autumn shade than a summer one. I do love this colour but I don't think it's one that I would wear regularly. I'm too stuck on neutrals in winter :-(
    Great blog post - I really enjoy your photos because there's so little background distraction. It makes the focus on what your writing about. LOVE IT! ♥

  2. agreed, definitely an autumn shade :)

    which just makes me yearn for autumn even more! i can't stand this heat!


  3. Certainly an autumn shade but it is lovely :) xx

  4. I'd probably wear this on my toenails in summer, and fingernails in autumn/winter, but sometimes it's fun to break the 'rules', and I think this looks gorgeous :) I'm craving OPI polishes right now, not sure why...I'll blame it on the pregnancy, hehe...just wish I could afford to buy some! xxx

  5. Beautiful color! I don't always wear deeper shades only in the winter and it's mostly gray's and muave sorts but this is stunning! Thanks for sharing x

  6. I have toyed with buying this for ages. It is such a lovely colour but agree it's more Autumnal. I love colours like that on my toes.
    Jane x


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