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I would like to think I have a healthy range of suncreams however truth be told I have far too many. There is a reason for this though! I have a thing about the formula of suncreams. Too runny and it goes everywhere which includes your clothes, too thick and my own hair gets stuck to the backs of my arms!
So every summer I end up buying quite alot of suncream and hating most of them. So here are my best & worst tested suncreams! 

Avene Moderate Protection Emulsion SPF 20 (£9.50 from Boots -but you can find it for under £6 online) This really ticks all boxes for me as a facial suncream - It is aimed at normal to combination skintypes, it is very water/sweat resistant, it contains Cucurbita pepo which reduces oil secretion and removes any shine and it's also non-comedogenic so it won't block the pores and leave your skin feeling nasty!
As for the formula it's quite a light consistency that soaks in well, but you do have to leave it awhile before applying any makeup or your left feeling slightly tacky all day long. 
The downside to the product is that it's only SPF 20 - however I have found if you go much higher the cream tends to be thicker and not as easy to work with on the face. Having said that I can wear this for upto 4 hours without burning at all and I am really fair skinned and don't tan at all. 
All in all one of the better suncreams for the face - it's doesn't state that it is aimed at just the face but it's only 50ml so you wouldn't want to use it all up on the body.

Soliel Beauty Hydrating Light Milk SPF 30 (Tesco's own brand) £4.00- I had previously used afew other suncreams from Tesco and liked them however this does fall into the 'stickiest sunscreen cream' category. Which was quite surprising as the formula comes out quite light looking which you would expect for a milk formula. But for me this was just so so sticky! It leaves the skin with this greasy film that picks up every bit of fluff. However Beauty Scribbler reviewed the SPF 15 of this suncream and loves it! She even compares it to using body lotion as it absorbs so easily.  Which makes me wonder if the product I bought was either 'out of date' or that the formula changes the higher the SPF you go. I am really not sure, so I may have to compare it to the SPF 15 version. 
On a lighter note Tesco do another range which I love which comes in a bright orange bottle with a white top. There Tesco Sun Spray SPF 30 is a must at £3.00 for 200ml! The formulation of it is quite runny so that is why I prefer the spray bottle. Also a slight warning, if you don't like a coconut smell to your suncream stay well away!

Calypso Sun Lotion SPF 30 Water Resistant £3.00 -£5.00 - Calypso is one of them hard to find brands but if you are lucky enough to find it, it will be in a discount type shop like Home Bargains and it has been none to grace the shelves of Matalan. It does leave you slightly white looking if you don't rub it in properly but overall this is a really great suncream. Also I quite the smell its like a sugary scent that isn't your typical suncream smell.
Calypso also do a Dry Oil that goes upto SPF 30 which is seriously like golddust (if you ever see it email me at I am not even joking) I have only ever have one bottle of this in my 22 years and I loved it beyond belief. 

Obviously when the word 'oil' comes into the conversation of suncream you imagine a deeply tanned handbag ops I mean woman, laying on a beach somewhere dripping in oil to get that 'golden glow'. However this is definitely NOT one of them oils. It's clear, non-greasy, water-resistant, long lasting and did I mention that it's perfect. It's also great for spraying onto your hair parting and ears! Really if you see it -BUY IT! 

Piz Buin Allergy Lotion SPF 50 £15.00 from Boots - I only ever buy Piz Buin when it's on offer and I normally go for SPF 30 but thought I would try a higher SPF. Like with most high SPF's it is abit tacky/sticky but for that high coverage it is really worth it especially when your on holiday or if it's just very hot. As our British weather is so temperamental and can go from rain to sunshine in a matter of a few hours I tend to put on the Calypso SPF 30 before I leave the house and then if it does get really hot or I am showing the tops of my shoulders or my chest I will apply this just to them areas. So I always carry this in my handbag.
A great brand that you can rely on to give good high coverage, I am just not to sure about the Allergy malarkey or really the price tag. But you do have to pay more for SPF 50 if you want anything bigger than 50ml's these days.



  1. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I saw the Calypso SPF 30 Dry Oil Spray in our local Bodycare the other day. I'll have a check, wouldn't mind sending it to you if they have it.

  2. I've been buying my Dry Oil from here for years, its fabulous!

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you bought the Tesco Soleil Beauty sunscreen on my recommendation and it's turned out too greasy for you! It's really weird because all the bottles of SPF15 have been fantastic and completely non-sticky for me (I'm wearing it today). I also didn't know the SPF30 even came in a lotion bottle - I've only ever seen it in a spray bottle! The SPF30 in the spray bottle seems to be the same consistency as the SPF15 in the lotion bottle.

  4. Have you tried Ultrasun? Its amazing.

  5. @Primp and Preen - Thanks so much for the offer, will have a look in my local Bodycare and if not I may have to email you :)

    @super dooper jezebel - It's great isn't it! Thanks you soo much so the link, atleast now I know I can always get it from that site if I can't get it any other way - it does work out at £9 though with delivery but it's good to know it's online!

    @Beauty Scribbler - Oh don't worry I actually bought it just before reading your review on it! I really can work out why it is soooo sticky, it's the stickiest suncream I have ever used. So I am thinking it was out of date when I bought it, or was stored somewhere either too hot or cold. Anyways not going to give up on it yet shall have to try the SPF 30 spray.

    @Happy1234 - I have never tried Ulrasun..will have to have a look for it next time I am out shopping :) Thanks for the reccomendation.

  6. Hey sweetie,

    Just spotted your dry oil on Ebay for £5.99 inc delivery :)


  7. this is such a fab post, i normally just pick the cheapest or frist one i see, so now i know which one to get!
    thankyouuuu sweetie!

  8. @Laura - Oh thanks so much darling, this is really helpful and the cheapest yet! Will have to get it.

    Fee xx

  9. @Madeline - I know what you mean, I think most people just go for the cheapest as they are normally just soo expensive! Glad I could help :)

    Fee xx


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