Soap & Glory Sit Tight Review


*You can find my new review of the updated Soap & Glory Sit Tight Intense XS here!*

This has to be the ultimate solution for all lazy girls out there who want to rid themselves of unsightly cellulite for summer all whilst sitting down.
 On first application of Sit Tight (while eating chocolate) I was sceptical to say the least. I thought at the most it would plump out the dimples in the backs of my thighs with it's caffeine & eucalyptus formula (which I must admit makes it smell abit like red bull mixed with cough medicine) and at the least it would make my skin softer with all that daily massaging.

Having tried Sit Tight for approximately 30 days now I thought it was time for a review... and as cellulite is a complex subject I thought I would do a more detailed review by writing a week by week summary. So here are my results, I hope you find them helpful.

Week One - So hopefully this is the first day of firmer thighs...which is what they deserve. My thighs not only wobble but over the past two years I have developed two patches of dimply cellulite just above the backs of my knees. Not to mention an odd dimple in one bum cheek! As I read the outer packaging I was slightly confused... about this activation on sitting malarkey. On one side of the box it reads 'Sit Tight Active System is more effective when you sit down' but the other side reads 'The friction/heat generated by the user during the act of sitting..' So does it work best if you sit down and stay sat down? But for how long? Or can you simply sit down and get by up again and carry on with the day?
  I decided the former was fine as I was feeling slightly lazy so I applied the white gel like cream waited 60 seconds and put on my jeggings. My jeggings did feel like they where sticking to me slightly but then again I am sure they weren't the best item of clothing to wear. My thighs also warmed up for the first 15 minutes or so. By the end of the week having applied Sit Tight daily, my thighs did feel slightly softer but there were no real visible results.

Week Two - Slight disaster this week - I applied Sit Tight within an hour of shaving my legs which resulted in a slight tingling and by the end of the day the fronts on my thighs were red & blotchy. I should of used my common sense really! However after my little mishap I really started to notice the backs of my legs looking firmer & not as dimpled when I tensed them. The dimple in my bum still looked the same. I also started applying the cream in the evening instead of in the morning as the smell was abit too strong for before breakfast!

Week Three - Had a lazy week and only applied it 3 times but that was because I was ill. I did sit on my bum a lot though! As for results the sides of my thighs felt A LOT more firmer to the touch and they just didn't feel as fatty as when I started. This is mainly what kept me going as I was getting slightly bored of applying it. As for the dimple in my bum it was still as present as ever.

Week Four - I started to think I was maybe applying it too generously as the tube was feeling a bit empty so I started to apply it just to the backs of my thighs and bum. I also decided to apply some fake tan, which made me realise how much of a difference Sit Tight had made. Compared to day 1 my thighs look and feel a lot more hydrated and actually more lifted if that is the right word. As for 'the dimple' it's still there and I think it may stay there until I decide to swap diet coke for water and my favourite spot on the sofa for the gym! Which I doubt is going to happen any time soon, but I can live with that.

Overall - After having a look at other thigh firmer products on the market the £14 price tag seems quite reasonable for this type of product as most do start at £25 +. On the whole Soap & Glory have done a pretty good job with this product as to be honest this cream is giving results on what should be fixed by a better diet and being properly hydrated. 
So why does it work so well? I can only put it down to the high levels of caffeine in the cream and also the repeated action of massaging it in.

Hope this has been helpful if you are interesting in the product!

Fee xo.



  1. I might try this out
    anything that helps is worth £14 :)

  2. Oooo fab review hun!

    I spotted this in Boots about a week ago and was going to get it, but because i'd not heard anything about it I didn't bother - It was mentioned in this month's Red however aswell, so I definatley think i'm going to try it!

    Thanks for posting!


  3. Great review, sounds like an interesting product :)

    I think it'd take a lot to shift my horrible cellulite, but I might give this a go next time Soap & Glory is on offer or something :)

    Loved the pics too :)

    x x x

  4. Great review -I think I will give it a go while it is still o offer in Boots :)

  5. oooh wonder if it's available in australia, will keep an eye out for this one :)

  6. Thank you for this Fee ♥
    I've recently been trying the Soap and Glory Flake Away cream and found that that tackled my cellulite well. As I'm going away on holiday in July, I definitely want to control my cellulite bumps ready to don my bikini. This product definitely looks a good try from your comments and I'm sure it will be on my next Boots haul :-)

  7. Now that's a *serious* product review - I've been trying out MBTs and FitFlops for a piece for the paper about their leg toning thing too. One of those new trainers, Skechers ones, even claim to banish cellulite too but I think that's a bit of an ambitious claim too!

    Thanks for your tip for the good food show - I'll def keep an eye out for those cheeses, though I don't think it will be doing my quest to toned legs any good!

    H xx

  8. ooo, this is great!

    I've recently been using a similar non S&G product like this, and it's been ok... but I LOVE S&G, so I had been thinking about giving this a go... good to get the low down on it first! :)

  9. I can finally read the review, as I am using my netbook. I don't know if I'm able to get on your blog from my regular laptop back in sassari.

    Anyway, I was sent this product to review, and I am still thinking it does nothing for me. However, I did ask S&G's PR about the anti-cellulite components and she told me that the product is just for firming body, not for cellulite... this product is a big question mark in my books. too bad, cos I love s&g overall!

    Guess you've been lucky ehhehe

  10. think I will try this out , i love soap and glory products. Boots have an offer on at the moment on the pink big soap and glory set.

    For reviews of soap and glory products see my blog

    Laura x

  11. Got Dermalmd cellulite serum for a friend who has intense cellulite. She insists it is working well, her thighs are smoothing out. The cream smells great which helps.

  12. I used this years ago and started chaffing in my inner thighs weird maybe I'm losing weight

  13. I used this years ago and started chaffing in my account number thighs my inner thighs are red and painful like burning and my whole body has been burning and breaking out so don't know if it's this that's done it.

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